Customer Success Story – Jonathon Felt of UST Manufacturing

Customer Success Story:
UST Manufacturing

“It’s evolving. That’s what I’m most excited about. We are finding every day, every week, some new thing we can do in eFC to make our processes more efficient.” -Jonathan Felt

UST Manufacturing is one of the nation’s leading contracted health supplement manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry, and has been in business for over a decade. They currently serve customers worldwide, and intend to further expand their reach with the operational efficiencies eFileCabinet has provided them. With eFileCabinet, they’ve been able to excel with a fast document turnaround time, and utilize more than 75 years of combined manufacturing industry experience to leverage scalable production, speedy service, and adaptable product lines.

Finding Unheard of Benefits

“We are finding every day, every week, some new thing we can do in eFileCabinet
to make our processes more efficient.”

-Jonathan Felt

A World-of-Difference Workflow

UST Manufacturing significantly reduced the number of steps in their workflow through eFileCabinet:
“Before eFileCabinet, if we wanted an SOP to be approved, it had to be drafted, printed, and somebody would have to redline everything. Then it’d be redrafted and go through an approval process where it’d bounce back and forth between peoples’ desks in paper form.

A lot of times it would sit on one person’s desk and get lost in their file cabinet or their file pile or something and we would start all over. eFileCabinet is letting us do that whole revision/approval process electronically. We don’t even print anything out anymore. It’s just all done and electronically signed and at the very end…we no longer print dozens and dozens of different drafts that get lost and make us have to start over.” -Jonathan Felt

An Open API for ROI

The UST Manufacturing team leveraged eFileCabinet’s versatile, robust, and open Application Program Interface (API) to fully serve their needs as an organization:

“One of the coolest things that we’re doing is working with the API in eFileCabinet to interface with our other programs. We’ve built our lab information management system with the sequel server, and our IT department is building the part that works on tablets.”
-Jonathan Felt

Simplified Compliance

Manufacturing is a compliance-centric industry with plenty of process documentation requirements. eFileCabinet helps UST Manufacturing navigate these challenges with ease, poise, and confidence:

“We’ve moved most of our compliance, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) into eFileCabinet. They used to sit in a binder in someone’s office, and we’d have to make copies, and send each copy to people upon request.”

“The other compliance side is we routinely get audited. This week alone we have three different audits. We get audited from our companies, from our customers, from the industry standards; one is the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the FDA will give us an audit every couple of years…worldwide everybody is getting more meticulous about the documentation. And we’ve probably more than doubled the number of documents that customers are asking for just in the last three months, so this system has been very helpful.” -Jonathan Felt

Responsiveness for Customers

Being able to keep track of everything their customers need has strengthened UST Manufacturing’s reputation in its industry.

“On our documentation side, everything is always changing, always adapting, so the biggest need that creates for us is really, really solid documentation flow and being able to track everything. eFileCabinet is the perfect match for us because of that. We work so fast now and we turn things around so quickly with the new documentation flow.”

“eFileCabinet has helped us become a really strong selling point customer service-wise. And that’s something that we’re tailoring, using eFileCabinet as the backbone, building on it with our other software suites. We use a lot of Zonal OCR to scan our docs because it can automatically pull the doc and place it in whichever folder or cabinet it needs to go.” -Jonathan Felt

See Zonal OCR in Action


UST Manufacturing has been able to handle massive sets of files and very large files instantaneously with eFileCabinet, reducing document routing times significantly. They’ve also been able to handle different file viewing permissions based on employees’ titles and roles within the company.

“We have some really large documents that we wouldn’t be able to send over email. Sometimes I’m sending 60 and 70 docs at a time to a customer: That’s something we used to have to do over 6 or 7 emails. It’s so much more convenient to just push a button in eFileCabinet that uploads to SecureDrawer, and afterward sending an email to the customer saying “Hey we sent over the 70 documents you wanted.”

“The one thing that I really love and is a core responsibility of what I do with eFileCabinet is the permissions, because we have so many different kinds of users. We have laboratory documents that not everybody needs to see. There are some production documents, and every once in a while, I get a call from one of our employees saying “Hey I really need access to these documents,” and I just click a few buttons to give them access.” -Jonathan Felt

A Supported Sales Force

eFileCabinet gives the UST Manufacturing sales team quick access to documentation when busy customers ask for it, reducing hold times and speeding up the rate of business.

“Our sales team absolutely LOVES eFileCabinet because they can call a customer on the phone, or a customer can express a concern about a product or thoughts about a product, and they can pull up that production document from the last few batches right on their screens immediately, and look up the formula without having to search for a document or having to ask someone to retrieve it from customer service archives. It’s really sped up how we do business.” -Jonathan Felt

The Power of Paperless

Going paperless gave UST Manufacturing the means to expand its market share and grow quickly.

“We have an IT dept with a Director of IT and a programmer, they both develop our programs, and they’ve been pushing for paperless for a couple of years. With this recent growth it became absolutely apparent that we had to go paperless in order to keep growing. We couldn’t keep expanding without it. Prior to eFileCabinet, everything was a terrible paper chase. We don’t have to wait for anybody to find things, we don’t have to walk it down the street to our other warehouse to find documents, and it has made our company a lot more efficient.”

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