Customer Success Story:
Gloria Hill of Hill & Associates

“It’s an awesome tool. I’m so glad we started using it. And ROI? Oh, absolutely.”
– Gloria Hill on eFileCabinet

Located in Palm Springs California, Hill & Associates offers comprehensive business and tax services to small businesses through bookkeeping, payroll, cash management, business valuation, and other business planning services. Many of these services require Hill & Associates employees to meet with clients on a monthly basis and at fixed rate costs.

With a book of business built upon strong relationships and trust, Gloria knew the importance of keeping her information accessible, secure, and properly stored: This is why Gloria knew eFileCabinet was right for her and the prosperity of her business. When it came to auditing, sharing information, ensuring accountability, and improving client trust, she found eFileCabinet to be the simplest solution for enabling these benefits.

“I’ve been able to find records that the client didn’t need to go look for in the event of an audit. The auditor wants copies of all the corporate or all the tax returns that are involved in that audit. I can crank them out in eFileCabinet in seconds.” – Gloria Hill

“My clients don’t even have to look up their paper records. eFileCabinet lets me offer this particular service to clients at no charge, and it’s something they’re very pleased about.” – Gloria Hill