Customer Success Story: City of Clovis

Humming to the Tune of Efficiency – Thanks to eFileCabinet

Erin Montano, Human Resource Specialist

Located in the seat county of Curry County, Clovis, New Mexico is a largely agricultural community known for its rich history in music and southwestern adventure. With a population of roughly 40,000 people and a small public administration office, there are a lot of information management demands placed upon the city. However, through eFileCabinet, this small department was able to conquer seemingly insurmountable demands with only a few staff members.

In fact, the Human Resources Department of the City of Clovis is now known for its incredible efficiency. With just three Human Resource Specialists managing 400 employees and 14 departments in the city, very few human resources departments nationwide can say they’ve handled a similar workload. They stay very busy handling all personnel issues and maintaining all personnel records for the entire City Government. They collaborate with Public Works, Parks and Rec, the Police and Fire Departments, Animal Control, Public Transit, and the Municipal Court System, keeping everything working smoothly throughout the municipality. Luckily, eFileCabinet Online makes it possible for them to successfully manage their very busy workload, no matter where they are in the city or what their task in assisting the city may be.

Although their HR Department had been using eFileCabinet’s Desktop version for some time, they recently transitioned to eFileCabinet Online – hoping it would provide them with some needed functionality. Erin Montano, HR Specialist for Clovis, describes a typical workday, enumerating upon the reasons other companies, regardless of which industry they’re in, may want to make a similar change of pace:

“We’re in the field so much, it’s so much more accessible for us to have an online, cloud-based version. If we’re out and need to pull up a personnel file and look at something then and there, or if we’re at trainings, we’re still able to function with our office duties no matter where we’re at. We go all over for trainings and conferences at different times. Two of us may be gone, or all three, and we can still function, and that’s really beneficial to us.”

This functionality and accessibility has greatly assisted their human resources department in completing their work efficiently and at a moment’s notice. With all that this department manages, handling documentation strictly in paper form would be a task requiring herculean effort:

“Let me give you a visual picture,” says Erin. “To my left I have a document that comes in every two weeks. It is 2.5 inches thick. We’re not talking one or two documents here or there, or even 10 or 15. We’re scanning literally hundreds of documents, hundreds of papers into our scanners. These are hefty files.”

Anyone who enters their office is greeted by the constant hum of scanning, as every paper document, large or small, is immediately scanned and uploaded. “It’s almost like a musical tune on a day-to-day basis here in our office, with the sounds of the scanners running documents through and being placed into eFileCabinet,” laughs Erin. “It has a nice rhythmic tune to it when we’re scanning hundreds of documents every day.”

For document management system prospects wondering how easy it will be to streamline internal processes into the software, and whether the software can account for these internal processes in their entirety, Erin describes how easily eFileCabinet accommodates and accounts for these processes:

They’ve been able to greatly streamline all document and recordkeeping processes by utilizing the cloud-based program, and wouldn’t be able to manage their workload without eFileCabinet. “We work an 8-hour day, and at least 7.5 hours of that day is spent in and out of eFileCabinet,” shares Erin. “We’re in eFileCabinet non-stop. It’s the primary program we utilize within this office.”

Great efficiency is the ultimate depicter and standard of operation for this office. These three employees juggle a full time load, including all of the safety, personnel, training, workman’s comp, FMLA, and first aid issues, just to name a few, so they have to work as efficiently as possible and with heaps of information. Relying on paper-dependent processes to make these difficulties navigable is like searching for a needle in a haystack, so ensuring that the right information is findable when an employee needs it is crucial.

“Because of the amount of employees that we’re dealing with, organization is key,” explains Erin. “There are only 3 of us in this office for hundreds of employees, so we really have to manage our time very wisely. There’s no room for error or for anything being lost.”

On a concluding note, Erin describes how the purchasing of eFileCabinet culminated in benefits both unexpected and predicted:

“eFileCabinet has made a world of a difference in our office,” she continues. “It’s invaluable to us, the amount of time it saves us, and allows us to have that organization. We truly enjoy the program and the customer service we get.”

As a service-oriented department keen on helping others in administrative duties across the city, Erin describes how she intends to get other municipal departments in Clovis to understand the value eFileCabinet brought to her team, as it’s made such a difference for them. That’s why they’re spreading the word about eFileCabinet.

“We’re trying to bring on other departments within the city and convince them to use eFileCabinet!” Erin says. “We recommend to anyone trying to organize, minimize, and increase the functionality of their time to use eFileCabinet. We speak very highly of eFileCabinet to anybody that will listen. We’re glad to be a part of your team.”