“What’s the difference between being paper-dependent and being paperless? It’s like someone’s been in jail and just got out. That’s how it feels. It’s a freedom, finally, and I call for all companies—even our applications—to go paperless. We were battling, really…With eFileCabinet, things got much easier.”

-Bassem Beaini, Founder of Beaini Financial Solutions

Located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Beaini Financial Solutions offers an array of wealth management, business planning, group employee benefits, insurance, and insurance exchange services to its clients. These clients range from individuals with high net worth to business owners, executives, and families. With such a diverse array of services and clients, Beaini Financial Solutions needed a way to increase efficiency to better serve their clients, and eFileCabinet became that way.

1. The Path to a Better Business

Prior to discovering eFileCabinet, Beaini was unsatisfied with the other document management software offerings. He immediately knew they wouldn’t be able to meet his needs. After building a business strictly through referrals, he had an influx of clients for whom he wanted to become more efficient. and continued searching for a document management system that could simplify his processes.

“Our goal is to be accommodating to clients and give them everything they need, which requires an efficient back office, which, for us, meant a paperless back office. I started the corporation in 2008. We kept battling. I started looking into eFileCabinet, and in no time, after I saw the demo, and reviewed my thoughts on the demo, I didn’t wait even to subscribe, I just gave them my credit card number and bought it immediately.”

2. Mobility and Accessibility

Relying on eFileCabinet document management software helped Beaini and his team enjoy the benefits of paperless, and quickly:

“It was a great experience, it didn’t require a lot of training, and we were comfortable using it. it was easy, especially, when one of my staff members was on maternity leave. She’s a very central person to the company, and eFileCabinet helped her manage everything remotely during that process. She was so dedicated, it was very easy for her to access everything and anything, and that made it easier for us to help our clients. That’s the whole idea.

“We’ve got 5 people on staff, and we’re running a successful operation, and going paperless to a paperless application. We wanted to make sure if one of my staff members needed to work from home, or anywhere, she is able to access the file with no problem, no issues, no security worries.” – Bassem Beaini

“It’s incredibly easy to use whether on desktop or in the cloud. We had a few snowy days last year where the roads were inaccessible, and we were still able to work just as efficiently and securely without coming in to the office.” – Nellli Klygina, Director of Business Development


3. Simple, Secure File Sharing

The financial services industry demands security from its businesses, and through eFileCabinet document management software file sharing features, Beaini Financial Solutions was able to deliver this security to clients with simplicity:

“We can even share files easily through SecureDrawer in eFileCabinet. It’s a very easy process. No one’s telling me, ‘Oh I don’t know how to access that link, you sent me.’ Even sometimes these days we send them through Cisco, and they don’t know how to open the file. SecureDrawer really solved that, things like that make our life easier, and that’s why we use SecureDrawer at least once per day.” -Bassem Beaini

4. The Power of Paperless

Going paperless through document management software hasn’t just made life easier for Beaini Financial Solutions – it’s made life easier for its ever-expanding list of clients, too.

“Knowing the alternative is out there, I get so annoyed every time I have to deal with paper, and clients don’t like paper either once they see how easy paperless is. No one is happy when relying on paper, because without it, we get so much more business and can help so many more people.” -Bassem Beaini

5. Simplified Compliance

The finance industry is subject to stringent compliance standards, and the more time businesses manually spend on ensuring compliance, the less able they are to tend to their clients. eFileCabinet document management software resolves this issue through built in security features that simplify SEC and FINRA compliance in the financial services industry:

“Compliance standards make us very careful about everything we do. The fact that eFileCabinet is compliance-approved, it makes it so we don’t have to worry about it.” -Bassem Beaini

6. Auditing with Ease

With the SEC planning to conduct more audits in the following years, it’ll save both businesses and auditors from regulating authorities time to conduct audits in paperless format.

“We haven’t had our first audit with eFC yet, but I tell you, the last audit was so difficult to get our compliance officer the access she needed, for her to access the apps and files she was asking for, it was horrible. Now I think it will be much easier. I think it will be a seamless process. She’ll have access and can open and review them in no time. The other system made her dart back and forth from one page to another. I look forward to how much simpler the next audit will be.” -Bassem Beaini

7. Usability

Sometimes financial services organizations opt out of buying software to streamline internal processes, and in fear that there will be too much downtime required to launch. Beaini Financial Solutions had a different experience with eFileCabinet document management software:

“Besides being able to access files easily, besides being able to share files securely, I haven’t heard anything from my staff as far as them having any issues, everything is going well. I look forward to attending Edge and learning more about the updates. I’m very happy to help my colleagues and my peers to become more efficient, and eFileCabinet is one of the most efficient ways.” -Bassem Beaini

8. A Positive, Enduring Reputation

In an industry that relies on referrals and positive client experiences, eFileCabinet document management software facilitates positive outcomes for Beaini Financial Solutions:

“Saved time, security, and compliance have been the biggest benefits of eFileCabinet, and this is huge because it frees up space to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with the service they’re getting. We love to make sure their needs are met and questions are answered in a timely manner.” -Bassem Beaini

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