Customer Success Story:
AMES Recordkeeping Services

AMES Recordkeeping Services provides companies with billing, contract work, recordkeeping, plan administration, document services, and accounting. Yvonne Thompson, President of AMES, says, “We work as a partnership. We’re the ‘back room’ for a lot of companies. We consider our customers our partners. We’re that extra hand to make their business processes better.” Yvonne and her employees stay very busy maintaining close to 600 accounts. “Most of our companies are small to medium sized and can’t afford to have a full staff or accounting group. We do the billing, the contract work, recordkeeping—we are their accounting department.”

Located just west of Navy Pier in Chicago, they also often work from their satellite home offices as well as another office space on the other side of town, making it easy to accommodate all of their clientele. This need for mobility combined with a robust workload made finding the right electronic document management system a necessity for AMES.

Although they had been using an online filing system since 2007, it wasn’t meeting their needs. Important documents were lost, it wasn’t very user-friendly, and costs kept increasing without improvements to reliability. In 2011, AMES found eFileCabinet, and it was a match made in heaven. “It’s actually our lifeline,” Yvonne explains. “For processing, managing, allocating, and communicating, we rely upon our files that are held securely within eFileCabinet. It’s been a wonderful marriage!”

The problem with paper

Prior to going paperless, AMES generated a lot of paper—and paper expense. “At the end of the day, it saves me a lot of money,” says Yvonne. “In our business, you’d be surprised by how much paper we generate. I went through three cases of paper each week.” They even had to rent offsite storage space to house that paper, but the cost of storing boxes of paper wasn’t the only expense. “If you take into account the cost of the box, the cost of the files that go into the box, and the time to create the folders and files, it really adds up.”

In addition to getting rid of 60% of her filing cabinets as well as the offsite storage, they no longer have to spend time creating and retrieving files. “It saves me time and money since we’re not moving people to paper from one location to another. Everything is immediately available, which makes a big difference. Where we used to have a room full of filing cabinets, now most of our cabinets are gone, or they house something other than paper. I just go to my computer and get whatever I need. We’re down to less than two cases of paper a month now.”

Automatic backup saved the day- and her business

When Yvonne attended eFileCabinet’s annual user conference last year, she had no idea it would save her business. A desktop version user, she learned about a cloud-backup feature already included in her software. She made sure it was in place, and was very thankful two months later when her internal server crashed. The office’s supposedly redundant server had no backup, but every file was safe and secure in eFileCabinet. “It could’ve been a nightmare!” she exclaims. “By having that backup online service, it made a world of difference. I was cringing at the thought of how we were going to bring everything back in. But we were able to get everything and bring everything back up in a two-day period. It was as if it had never happened!”

And it doesn’t take a server crashing to lose important information. Prior to eFileCabinet, one of the problems they were having was lost documentation. eFileCabinet has changed all of that. “I can honestly say since I’ve been on this system I have never lost a document. Even if it’s placed in the wrong file, I can do a search and retrieve that information. It’s always available.”

Rock star efficiency with eFileCabinet’s mobile app

AMES’ employees are also fans of the Mobile App, which allows them to be in any location and grab whatever file they need, right from their phone or tablet. “If I’m sitting in someone’s office and they have a question about a particular file or need something, I can just go on my phone and retrieve that information, which is so ideal, I can’t even tell you,” Yvonne smiles. “It makes me look like a star!” The Mobile App makes information retrieval extremely easy, immediate, and efficient.

They’re also thankful for excellent customer support. “Whether you are a seasoned user or a new user, no matter when you call, most of the time within 2 minutes you are speaking to a live representative. And, you can also go online and get assistance, as there’s always training and helpful hints available to you.”

AMES Recordkeeping Services is able to keep hundreds of clients happy with their consistently excellent and efficient back office support. eFileCabinet is glad to be a trusted part of their team. “I found eFileCabinet,” Yvonne says. “And I’ve been very, very happy with it ever since. It’s a support. eFileCabinet is like a partner of mine.”

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