Not many will dispute that document management software (DMS) can help your organization boost efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. However, with dozens of options on the market today, knowing which DMS to choose is just as important as deciding to choose one. Different industries may be looking for different things in a DMS, and knowing which categories are emphasized in different DMS solutions is critical for making a correct choice


DMS Categories

There are several ways that DMS can help your organization handle its paperwork better, and generally they can be split into the following categories:

Workflow—Workflow processes can eliminate wasted time, save company resources, and avoid a lot of stress that comes through tedious or unclear tasks. With workflow document management software, users can upload and produce documents within a specific process. Input documents can also be attached to a case and sent from one authorized user to another as needed. Users can even download input documents for review and/or editing, and then upload the edited documents to the same or different case. Users can also quickly and easily produce output documents by taking existing case information and adding data to a template for distribution as a Word document or PDF.

Security and Compliance—An electronic document management system can enhance security and confidentiality measures, and by extension ease of industry compliance. If DMS uses 128-bit encryption at minimum, Secure Shell protocol, and keeps files store on SAS 70 type 2 certified servers, you can feel confident that your files cannot be accessed by any unauthorized individuals.

File Sharing—Storing documents securely is of little value if you cannot also send and share them securely. Every DMS needs to be coupled with a client portal that can help you send tax information, medical information, and more. A client portal should help you send files quickly and safely, integrate easily with other software, allow for digital signatures, and have robust security measures.

Disaster Recovery—Electronic document management is perhaps the single most valuable measure to take in protecting your information. With eFileCabinet’s DMS, all of your documents can be located off premise and backed up to geographical safe zones. No need to worry about an onsite theft, natural disaster, fire, flood or whatever worst-case scenario you can imagine. No need to have special disaster recovery options for your paper archives and physical file system.

Environmentally Friendly—DMS can help lessen your impact on the environment by eliminating reliance on paper products. In offices, most printed paper ends up in the garbage that very same day. With electronic filing measures, you can help the environment by reducing the need for paper reduction and keeping that paper out of landfills.


The Best DMS on the Market

eFileCabinet is one of the strongest DMS choices on the market today, focusing on saving its users time, space, and money. eFileCabinet has been given a 5-star rating from CPA Practice Advisors, their highest rating. Though originally built to help accounting experts manage their paper load, eFileCabinet has expanded in recent years to help many industries become more efficient. The medical records industry, financial institutions, and CPAs around the world helped us make a bulletproof application for our clients. We now offer our robust SaaS (software as a service) platform to other industries to help make their lives pain free. Certifications like HIPAA and SEC compliance help take the worry out of audits and compliance. Security questions about storing data and documents have been a topic that eFileCabinet covers every day; if you have questions about how eFileCabinet can help your business, please fill out the form on this page for a free demo.

eFileCabinet has worked with over 15,000 CPAs and many other industries in the USA and other countries. If you are hosting your own file server, paying for a secure portal, or a place to store your documents in the cloud, give us a call to find out how DMS can do even more for you.