The environment is everything that isn’t ourselves. So, in an age of egotism, it only makes sense that which is most common to all–the environment–has the least care given to it.

However, a single technology has granted the environment its last stand in the form of paperless software, as it can adjoin seemingly disparate belief systems and help both major political parties join forces in the fight for economic health, sustainable business solutions, and, ultimately, business profitability.

However, there’s more to the equation than ecology and business profitability. Going paperless is also about ensuring employee wellness and greater worker satisfaction.

Anyways, if you want to know the real reason the dog attacks the paper boy, it’s because dogs enjoy being outside, and the environment isn’t as enjoyable if people keep cutting down trees to use paper in their offices and mailmen keep delivering paper-based items. As man’s best friend, dogs just want what’s best for you, but they also know what you can do to re-purpose those stupid file cabinets in your office…

Know Its Paws-ible to Re-purpose Useless Filing Cabinets into Dog Food Bowls

Just another great reason to bring your dog to work.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, American workers are generally unhappy. But man’s best friend is rightfully gaining traction as an acceptable pal to bring to the office, and, that could help boost moods and morale in the office not just for employees, but also for their pooches.

However, before you rush to make the case to your boss, HR manager, or commercial property manager, don’t bring your dog food bowls with you from home.

After you go paperless, you can re-purpose those useless filing cabinets into dog food bowls, as illustrated in the nearby image, and take another important step for dogs looking to ingratiate themselves as legitimate companions in the world of business.

Simply take the filing cabinets you’ll no longer need after going paperless, and re-purpose them to hold water and large portions of dog food.

Here’s another upside: the relationship benefits won’t be exclusive to dogs alone: Bringing a furry pal to the office can improve your relationships with your human coworkers.

A 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study showed that cortisol levels, which measure the amount of stress hormone released in the human body, are lowered in the presence of pets, putting everyone at ease to talk more freely and collaboratively.

What’s more, dogs have been shown to boost morale and productivity, and even attract customers. Think your clients want prim, proper, and spotless offices? Think again. They’re human too, and nobody is immune to the charm of a great dog.

But that’s not the only way to re-purpose your useless filing cabinets.

Create a Makeshift Napping Platform for the Break Room

Remember how you could go to the nurse’s office at school if you weren’t feeling well? Well, now you can use the same lame excuse to not work while you’re, well, at work.

The upside is most companies don’t have trained nurses on staff, either, so you’ll be able to convince anyone you need to take a break as long as you are a decent liar.

Just make sure you have the useless filing cabinets available to re-purpose into a ‘bed frame’ beforehand.

And, for all the workaholics out there, there isn’t a better time for a makeshift bed in the office than in modern America. Workers are more exhausted than ever, and commercial paper use is higher than ever. This is not a coincidence. One causes the other: paper based processes waste time and therefore increase the amount of time we spend on document-related projects.

In fact, the average worker wastes 30 to 40 percent of his or her time storing, searching for, and retrieving paper-based information, according to the Paperless Project.

Making a bed out of the filing cabinets that so deeply contributed to employee exhaustion is darn near poetic justice.

Speaking of poetry, time for an ode to filing cabinets turned into flower pots.

Turning Filing Cabinets Into Flower Pots

Gardening is a bit like meditation—it can turn miscreants into monks. Just imagine what it could do for the overly aggressive guy in your office with blood pressure high enough to kill a small horse. HR managers, think ’employee wellness program’ here.

And, this re-purposing of the filing cabinet is perhaps the most symbolic representation of paperless offices’ purpose—removing paper from its age-hold filing cabinet container, and replacing it with the life form that was destroyed to create the paper items it once held.

Just don’t take the idea too far. We don’t want you turning your business into a marijuana dispensary. There’s no evidence to suggest that would be good for office productivity.

There you have it: drudgery-laden filing cabinets made into flowerpots, beds, and dog food bowls. Whoever said work couldn’t be enjoyable had no idea how to re-purpose useless office equipment.

Before running off to re-purpose those filing cabinets, first be sure to make sure you have the 1 necessary tool to make a paperless office effective — eFileCabinet’s digital DMS.

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Filing Cabinets Can Be Culinary, if You’re Experiencing Meat with Drawl

Adding some Southern style to a summer office cookout is another way to re-purpose your pesky filing cabinets.

Put down those dumb pencils and paper, and get up from your desk. It’s time to turn your filing cabinet into a meat smoker.

If you’re ready to add some sizzle, and maybe a little Southern hospitality and drawl to your coworker cookout, keep reading so you can trade your white collar for a red neck and get the most out of the sizzle of summertime.

And after all, how could this not make you the life of the party? There’s only one way to clean up your office while getting your plate dirty at the same time, and it all comes with the instructions below.

Summertime makes room for those inevitably awkward summer parties, but a good ice melt-er is turning those crummy and useless filing cabinets into meat smokers for as little as 20 bucks, Southern style.

At eFileCabinet, it’s our goal to empty as many filing cabinets as possible, making these pieces of office furniture obsolete for the purposes of your sanity, productivity, happiness, and paperless offices.

But It’s not enough to just take your office paperless. You’ll need a Digital DMS to make it worthwhile. 

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