Going Paperless for Insurance Agents

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After years as a paperless consultant, I’ve met with literally thousands of insurance agents and have helped hundreds take advantage of going paperless.

Agents have their own unique views toward embracing paperless technology in their businesses.  Some have been agents for decades.  Others, just starting out, are eager to take advantage of every edge and efficiency they can.


Of those hesitant to make the change the most common excuses include:

  1. I don’t have time to scan all my client files.
  2. We’ve used paper for years and I’m nearly ready to retire.
  3. I know I need to do this, but I just don’t know how to begin.
  4. Going paperless seems complicated, and changing will disrupt my business.

With the advancements in paperless software solutions, many are completely unaware of just how easy it is and how dramatically it can help their businesses for the better.


Creating a Paperless Insurance Office is Easier Than You Think

Scanning and electronically filing your paper documents as they come across your desk takes less time than keeping and filing the old way.  Although it would be nice, you don’t have to scan all the documents already in your filing cabinets at once.

What most agents do is simply begin by scanning current documents and move forward.  As they need a paper document they will pull the entire client file, scan it into the system, and shred the paper. This way they can chip away at older files little by little, taking virtually no additional time.

For more seasoned agents nearing the end of their careers, many have found it much easier to sell their book of business if they have their files maintained in an electronic format.  Newer agents appreciate the edge of being paperless and this has actually helped increase values.

Starting is easy.
  There isn’t a whole lot that you need.  You can begin with your existing computer, and you will also need a scanner.  I recommend a dedicated desktop scanner that will save time and will be much more efficient than using a multi-function unit that you have to get up and walk to.

Systems like eFileCabinet are modeled after physical filing cabinets.  Someone familiar with using a physical filing cabinet can be comfortable using a paperless system in less than an hour.

Going paperless doesn’t need to disrupt your business any more.  In fact, having your files available on you smartphone, tablet, or laptop while out of the office will make you much more effective.  The time savings alone quickly pays for itself and you can normally expect a very fast ROI.

If you would like to see just how easy going paperless is, contact Rourke Mace rmace@efilecabinet.com for a free consultation or fill out the form on this page to request a 15-minute demo.