In the business world, skill and knowledge can get you and your company pretty far. But what if there was a way to make some extra luck to help your business along?

There is. You can create your own luck for your company by going paperless.

Let’s go through a few different aspects of going paperless to show you exactly how a digital document management system can give your business that extra bit of luck to outdo your competitors.


Cost Savings

Using a paperless solution for your document needs gives your company great savings. Going digital means your company will use less paper, toner, and postage, and you won’t have to keep spending money on upkeep for the printers and copiers in your office. Even bigger savings come from saved time and labor as workflow and processes are simplified.



Your business processes will move much faster with a digital document solution. The days of rummaging around in filing cabinets looking for documents that have been misplaced are gone. A paperless system allows you instant access to your documents.



Your documents are an integral part of your company. Why would you risk them being stolen or damaged by storing them in filing cabinets? Using eFileCabinet’s software to store your documents guarantees they’ll be secure. Even in the event of a fire or a flood in your office, your documents are still safe and backed up with eFileCabinet.


More Office Space

When you consolidate all of your paper documents into a digital repository, it creates a lot more office space. Filing cabinets can be thrown away, opening up valuable money-earning space in your office. And a bigger, cleaner office is much more productive than something cramped and cluttered.


Increased Visibility

When all of your documents are in digital form, you can view every file whenever you please. Any changes that are made to the document are tracked, giving you an unfettered look into all the important files your company uses on a daily basis.

Going paperless might seem daunting at first, and you’ve probably been concerned that going digital with your document management could cause some serious downtime. eFileCabinet will merge easily with existing processes and only speed up your company’s work.


If you’re looking for that extra bit of luck to get you ahead of your competitors, it’s time to go paperless. You won’t believe how easy it is!