eFileCabinet continues to rank as a top tool for companies in every industry to work efficiently. CPA Practice Advisor gave eFileCabinet a five star rating among reviews of document storage and document management systems for 2020. CPA Practice Advisor recognized outstanding Rubex features and things the company as a whole does well.

CPA Practice Advisor evaluated document management systems and their practicality to accounting firms of any size. The top platforms received ratings based on their available features and quality.

Outstanding Rubex Features

CPA Practice Advisor recognized eFileCabinet’s platform, Rubex, as a “centralized document management solution that uses intelligent organization and an intuitive user interface that is designed to easily store and locate any file.” 

This excellent review is made possible by eFileCabinet’s constant upgrades to the platform to ensure that it stays the best, all-in-one solution. Some of the top features of the system include templates, eSignature, and secure file-sharing.



“eFileCabinet offers templates which can be used to expedite the cabinet, drawer, and folder setup process,” according to the review. Users don’t have to waste time recreating the same folder structures and can instead fill them out with a click of a button.


One of Rubex’s top features that the article mentioned was eSignature. Instead of using a third-party document signing platform, users can sign directly in the system. eFileCabinet has followed the guidelines to ensure that their eSignature is as legitimate as a physical signature.

Secure File-Sharing

Accounting firms often send important documents through email. Though most view it as safe, it can easily be intercepted by a malicious source. The article called attention to Rubex’s easy and secure sharing feature that resolves that issue. It allows you to share documents effortlessly with clients in a secure platform.


The article also noted eFileCabinet’s strict security measures. “Those opting for the online edition of eFileCabinet will appreciate the top-notch system security offered, such as bank-grade, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security.” eFileCabinet completes a nightly backup so that the files are never lost and always secure.

Help Resources

The article pointed out how important the customer experience is for an outstanding platform. “The eFileCabinet website offers additional help resources including a searchable knowledge base, video tutorials, [and] a FAQ page.” eFileCabinet has provided their customers with endless support including video tutorials, product instructions, and an attentive customer service team.

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