This unprecedented year has made it extremely difficult for businesses to accomplish certain tasks. Companies need modern communication tools to keep working efficiently and get everyday tasks done. The safe exchange of documents as well as agreements in the form of signatures are moving to the digital space.

Natasha Dinkla is the office manager for GurneeCPA in northern Illinois. The office provides clients with accounting and bookkeeping services, financial statement preparation, QuickBooks assistance, and consulting services. 

As office manager, Natasha is in charge of nearly everything having to do with documentation. The company has been an eFileCabinet customer for several years and has used it to make their operation paperless and securely share documents with clients. eFileCabinet would continue helping them, especially during some unexpected events.

Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, GurneeCPA was one of the millions of businesses that closed their offices and had employees work from home. Natasha only went to the office once a week to check the mail. 

With everyone working from home and unable to have direct contact with clients, Natasha says eFileCabinet has been invaluable.

“I use it all the time — from storing information to sharing documents back and forth with clients, it’s been great.”

However, when it came to collecting signatures from clients, they had previously either done it in-person at the office or mailed the documents to be signed to the client. The shelter-at-home requirements would have made both options either impossible or highly inefficient.

The Solution

In February of 2020, as talks of sheltering in place and working from home were happening, Natasha saw an announcement about a new eSignature feature added to eFileCabinet. She persuaded one of the firm’s partners to add to their account and start using it for gathering signatures on their digital forms. 

It was just what the doctor ordered because it wasn’t long before the office had to close doors and the firm’s CPAs could no longer meet in-person with clients. However, they didn’t have to skip a beat, because eSignature allowed them to gather compliant signatures over the web, fast and securely. 


Natasha says eSignature has been a game-changer for the firm and that it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

“I just have to send it, and when the client signs, it saves the document in the same folder. There’s no direct contact.”

eSignature has become even more advantageous after the IRS announced it would loosen its digital signature policy in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that’s caused difficulties within the tax preparation industry. 

The IRS would “begin temporarily accepting images of signatures (scanned or photographed) and digital signatures on documents related to the determination or collection of tax liability.”

Natasha says eFileCabinet support has been excellent, quickly adding additional eSignature transactions to her account when they need more.

“It’s been really good. The instant chat is great for when I just have a quick question. I get results super fast.”

Advanced communication tools are helping businesses continue to be successful even though their employees are working remotely. Sharing essential documents needs to be secure and reliable. Rubex allows you to share and sign documents under the protection of bank-level encryption.

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