Storing documents in the Cloud means more now than it ever has. It used to be a place to store extra personal files when you ran out of space—music, pictures, videos, etc. Now, it is much more than just extra space. Cloud storage means 24/7 access to files that were previously locked away on a server that could only be accessed from work. The ability to access these files has changed the way we work.

Going above and beyond just convenience, here are a few great ways to use the cloud to your benefit:

Sync All Your Devices

Arguably the greatest benefit of Cloud storage is the ability to sync all of your devices to the same data using the cloud. Since all of your data is stored in the same place, it can all be accessed by any of your devices. Some services allow you to push new data saved to the Cloud onto all of your devices, but in my eyes, having a single point of access for the data is just the same.

Store Your ‘My Documents’ Folder in the Cloud

I’m a bit of a file hoarder. When it comes to cleaning out old files, I’m terrible. It makes my computer a pretty disorganized place where no file would want to live. Since the Cloud has taken a spot in my life, I have been able to push all of those files off of my computer. Now I don’t have to feel bad about them taking up space, and I can access them any time I need to.

Manage Document Versions

Have you ever opened a document sent to you by a coworker, and wondered to yourself if this is the latest version of the file? Thanks to the Cloud, that’s a problem of the past. Since everyone who has access to the document is looking at the same file, you know it’s the most recent. Many services also allow you to see what changes have been made to the document previously.

Document Security

We wrote an entire post about security of mobile document management, and it’s worth taking a look at. Accessing your documents from a mobile device is very safe, but it is important for you to keep a few things in mind. Always password protect your device, avoid using unsecure Wi-Fi networks, only log into secure websites (https://), always log out of secure websites when you’re done, and be sure to keep your mobile device’s software updated.

10 Must-Follow Rules for Effective Document Management