The world is changing quickly as digital communication becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, and it can be tough to adjust to new methods of recording and sharing information. Many companies are trying to eliminate the need for paper copies of documents, records, and bills but still face concerns from consumers resistant to paperless service. While some consumers may be reassured when holding an actual piece of paper in their hands, and while some organizations are comfortable with referring to physical filling cabinets to store and retrieve information, paper-based offices are ultimately inefficient and costly to run.

Here’s the thing: paperless organizations aren’t just trying to save money or move quickly by going paperless—they are actually seeking to improve customer service and client satisfaction by shifting time and money spent on managing paper files to service delivery and customer support. Below, we list the most important benefits that embracing a paperless office can afford.


Reduced Clutter and Secure Storage

Many businesses understand that having hard copies of documents is important to many consumers. Things such as contracts, bills, and tax returns might be important years down the road, and it’s good to know that the document is in a safe place where it cannot be tampered with. However, storing years and years’ worth of documents, especially if those documents are updated regularly or require regular communication, such as bills, can take up quite a bit of space—a limited resource in most offices that you don’t want to waste by dedicating it to documents that only have a slight possibility of being relevant down the road.

To alleviate concerns, many companies depend on electronic document management systems (DMSs) such as eFileCabinet. Electronic document management systems do much more than simply providing a framework for businesses or individuals to store and organize documents. A DMS like eFileCabinent maintains secure versions of documents, so original copies can be preserved and protected from unwanted modification. And in the case that a document does need to be modified, a DMS will create audit trails, so you can see how a document evolved and pinpoint the exact point where a mistake was made.


Reduced Costs

Going paperless is often seen as penny-pinching scheme rather than an method for improving business operations. While it is certainly true that companies do save money by relying on paperless communication, those savings go both ways. By paying bills online you immediately eliminate the cost of postage. If you opt to pay your bills online, many companies will let you arrange the date that the payment is made, meaning you can set it up for the very day it is due and maximize the time that your money spends in your bank account earning interest.

Furthermore, because relying on paper documents increases the amount of work a company needs to do to process things such as bills, some companies have found it necessary to begin charging for paper bills. For example, ECG Long Distance will charge you 2.5 cents per minute to make a long distance call, but that rate increases to 3.5 cents per minute if you would like a printed statement afterward. In fact, some businesses will offer incentives if you opt to go paperless. Charter One and Citizens Bank will actually pay their account holders ten cents every single time they conduct certain types of transactions digitally.


Quick and Convenient

Perhaps the greatest advantage of going paperless is that it makes transactions and communication almost instantaneous. With remote access to data that eFileCabinet provides, the guesswork out of getting all of your bills paid on time and in full is removed. You can check bills and send and receive invoices anytime, anywhere. Contracts, too, can be dealt with at a distance, and projects requiring authorization need not be delayed by courier delivery times. Instead, you can sign documents electronically from your office or right from home.

These are only a few of the great advantages you’ll enjoy by embracing paperless communication. To learn more about how paperless communication companies work, visit eFileCabinent online and talk to one of our specialists today.