Conquering the BYOD Phenomenon through DMS [Slideshow]

As more employees bring their own laptops to work, Mac computers gain a strong foothold both in home and at the office—a phenomenon demanding IT professionals’ attention. Thankfully, this Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon can be met with confidence through our Document Management Software (DMS), an enterprise technology keeping information secure on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, whether devices are kept in-office or in employees’ homes.

point 1

1. 21% of startup employees in the United States use Macs in-office, making Mac-compatible DMS crucial to startup growth and cost efficiency.

point 2

2. In-office Mac use has not just grown among creatives, but among inbound and outbound sales reps, managers, and C-suite executives as well. (2)

point 3

3. 77% of businesses report that Macs are more reliable than Windows machines, making Mac use and Mac-compatible DMS a dual security measure. (3)

point 4

4. DMS’s automatic data backup prevents data loss on Macs taken home after work, a useful that mitigates many of Macs’ cross platform vulnerabilities.

point 5

5. Mobile DMS and Mac-compatible DMS, in tandem, allow users to pair their office information and devices with other Apple products.

Point 6

6. Mac-compatible DMS use reduces stability issues associated with Apple and Outlook integration, as most DMS solutions offer better Outlook integration than Apple products.

Point 7

7. DMS vendors with products running in HTML 5 create “platform independence” which helps organizational networks accommodate Mac-compatible DMS.

Point 8

8. The role-based user permissions of Mac-compatible DMS keep company info secure on OS X outside the office.


Visit and give your employees access to corporate networks and email through Mac-compatible DMS today, so you can better accommodate the BYOD phenomenon tomorrow.



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