Connected Core Accounting is robust accounting software for small businesses that need a complete accounting solution that is extremely flexible across different platforms. Available on both Mac and PC, the core program offers a powerful accounting application solution from for one low price. You can access information within connected core from any platform simultaneously. With Connected Core, you can manage your financials, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functions.

If you are a small business, a growing business, or an established business looking for an auditable accounting solution but don’t require inventory management or job costing, then Connected Core Accounting may be right for you.

Connected Core comes with dozens of features. This program can do just about anything you ask of it.

Features of Connected Core Accounting Software

    • Multiple Users (Mac and PC)
    • Accountants Copy (no charge)
    • Accountant Export
    • Advanced User Password Access
    • Customizable Forms
    • Customizable Fast Keys
    • Multiple Companies
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Complete Audit Trail
    • Export to Excel
    • Email with Mail, Outlook, Entourage
    • Print to PDF
    • Data Export/Import
    • Transaction Notes
    • General Ledger Financials
    • Budgeting
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Profit Center and Departmental Reporting
    • Customer Database
    • Customer Invoicing
    • Batch Email Large Groups of Customer Invoices
    • Multiple Shipping Addresses
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Customer and Vendor Alerts
    • Vendor Database
    • Accounts Payable
    • Electronic Payments
    • Create and Email Vendor Payment Advices
    • Expense Reports
    • Product/Inventory Database
    • Custom Programming Services Available
    • Consolidation Plug-In Available
    • ODBC Accessible


Features Available Exclusively on the Connected Enterprise Version

    • Customer Quotes
    • Customer Orders/Back Orders
    • Convert Multiple Quotes to Order
    • Create Purchase Orders from Customer Orders
    • Create Work Order from Customer Order
    • Inventory Stock Tracking
    • Multiple Location Inventory Tracking
    • Detailed Item Histories
    • FIFO or Average Costing
    • Pricing Matrix
    • Customer Pricing Tables
    • Multi-Tiered Manufacturing
    • Lot Number Control Desired Inventory Items
    • Serial Number Control for Desired Inventory Items
    • Track Finished Goods and/or Components by Lot/Serial Number
    • EDI Export (Setup Required)
    • Job Tracking
    • Job Estimates and Estimate Revisions
    • Timesheets
    • Work-In-Progress Management
    • Job Actual to Budget Comparison
    • Job Invoice Creation from Estimate or Time & Materials
    • Employee Specific Cost & Billing Rates

Connected Core Accounting and eFileCabient

Connected Core Accounting is powerful accounting software that can help you generate the reports, billing, databases, etc. you need to keep your business running profitably and simply. With all that information though, adding up over years of doing business. You’ll need a way of efficiently storing and being able to access it, even when out of the office.

eFileCabinet paperless document management software presents the perfect solution for businesses who use accounting software to help simplify their businesses. With eFileCabinet products you can store all your information electronically, back it up to the cloud, and access and share it from anywhere. With eFileCabinet there is no more need for filling expensive office space with file cabinets, looking for misfiled papers, making copies, or faxing. Connected Core combined with eFileCabinet helps you save time, space, and money, while keeping better and more secure records. To see how eFileCabinet can work with accounting software like Connected Core, fill out the form on this page for a free demonstration.