Waste less time with eFileCabinet

Waste less time

Business won’t wait for you to catch up, and the constant demands of filing papers, collecting scattered digital assets, and effectively passing information through your office can feel like a rigged game—chasing a moving target you can’t possibly catch.

Building office efficiency starts with organization and clear, streamlined processes. Reduce the time it takes to find files with an automated file structure, so you know everything is exactly where it needs to be—eliminating the chance of human error. By storing your information on the cloud digitally, everything is always at your fingertips, and can be executed on with the press of a button.

Automated workflows, effortless document text search, and complex storage structures are just some of the powerful ways eFileCabinet puts a stop to office slow-down.

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Here’s how we waste less time

Full text searching

Don’t remember a file name? Or which folder it’s in? You can search with a specific word you know is inside of the document or using any metadata tags. We find the needle in the haystack, no problem.


The sky’s the limit for what you can automate in eFileCabinet’s workflow, anything from document naming to a chain of events. You’ll love all the free time!

Retention & Deletion

Keep a file for an allotted amount of time and be reminded when that time is up. You can also set it to automatically delete that file from your system.