Securely share files of any size with eFileCabinet

Securely share files of any size

Tired of limiting the size and number of documents you can share securely? Don’t want to encrypt emails with sensitive information before sending? Email is breach-susceptible, and no longer safe for confidential documents.

Our award-winning web portal, SecureDrawer, lets you transcend these issues with ease. Offering you up to 50 guest users, this bank-grade SSL encrypted feature lets you share information without even removing it from the vault.

With SecureDrawer, you’ll never have to search for and send an email attachment again.

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Here’s how we securely share files of any size


This is the reason you no longer have to send information via breach-susceptible email, letting you share documents and large file sets without removing them from this bank-grade encrypted web portal.

Guest users

Not only can you send files to your customers, but they can send them right back to you without needing an account, keeping data safe and saving processing time.

Mobile app

Put your office in your pocket with our free mobile app and be ready to securely send files at the drop of a hat.