Save space and money with eFileCabinet

Save space and money

Do your business’s file cabinets require their own separate office or storage room? Tired of high administrative costs?

Office space is at a premium, and rising commercial real estate costs demand small businesses find an alternative to traditional filing methods to save space and money.

eFileCabinet eliminates the need for paper-based filing and storage, enabling not just a remote workforce, but also the ability to automate document deletion through admin requests—reducing clutter and digital chaos.

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Here’s how we save space and money

File versioning

No one likes conflicting copies. File versioning prevents employees from duplicating the same file and working on the copies separately.


It’s no secret that the key to saving the most time and money, is automation. We have the advanced workflow and automation features that give you limitless options.

Retention & Deletion

It’s a waste of space having to store a document longer than necessary. Each file can be given a retention time, which reminds you when that time is up. You can also set it to automatically delete that file from your eFileCabinet.