Maximize your performance with eFileCabinet

Maximize your performance

Running a 21st century business with file cabinets (which were patented in 1898)?

119-year-old equipment belongs in the past. Your business belongs in the future, and eFileCabinet touches every process of that future.

From going paperless with one of our scanning partners to growing a business long-term through our document management software, small businesses level the playing field against larger competitors with us.

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Here’s how we maximize your performance


The sky’s the limit for what you can automate in eFileCabinet’s workflow. And you’ll love all the additional free time!


Take a common document in your office, like an invoice, and create a template. When this template is recognized by intelligent scanning, you can make sure it is uploaded to the right place, every time.

File versioning

Our file versioning prevents employees from duplicating the same file and working on the copies separately, and in separate locations.