Improve customer service with eFileCabinet

Improve Customer Service

Do you lose business to companies with more resources, or are you simply looking for an untapped way to stay ahead of the competition? Much more than cloud storage, eFileCabinet automates common office processes so you can practice your expertise, not paperwork.

Like Gloria, you’ll be able to allocate more resources to customers and clients no matter what industry you’re in. Never put a customer on hold to search for information again, or return to the receiver to admit you can’t find what they need.

With eFileCabinet Zonal OCR, templates, file versioning, and SecureDrawer, you can tend to your business. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute demo to see how.

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Here’s how we improve customer service

Workflow & automation

Say goodbye to redundant and slow document processes. You can automate practically any process, which maximizes your efficiency and impresses your customers.

Advanced searching

Is a customer asking for a copy of their document? You can search with a specific word you know is inside of the document or using any metadata tags. Then securely share it, all within minutes.

Mobile app

Put your office in your pocket with our free mobile app and be ready for when your customers need you.