Fast track document turnaround with eFileCabinet

Fast track document turnaround

Constantly toggling back and forth between programs? Want more than cloud storage to securely store documents and integrate with software you already use?

eFileCabinet’s digital signature integrations expedite document turnaround and increase the number of sales contracts you can close, as does our Salesforce integration.

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Here’s how we fast track document turnaround

Digital signature integration

Expedite document turnaround and increase the number of agreements/contracts you can close.


Customize the automation for each type of document you handle, so you can get signatures right off the bat, receive approvals faster, effortlessly send out reminders, and even see the status of the workflow.

Full text searching

Can’t find a file you know you just uploaded the other day? You can search with any words you know is inside of the document, or using any metadata tags. We find the needle in the haystack, no problem.