Facilitate compliance and ensure security with eFileCabinet

Ensure compliance and security

Regulatory red-tape can be a major obstacle to business growth, demanding advanced security and complex file management that’s often difficult for business owners to maintain. Regulatory organizations like HIPAA, SEC, and many others all have their own, often overlapping requirements. And even with proper security, audit-overreach may expose sensitive client information.

Purpose-built with compliance and security in mind, eFileCabinet comes with built-in audit trails, permissions, and file sharing encryption. Use out-of-the-box compliance settings or set custom preferences that can keep you in compliance effortlessly.

Get compliant and put an end to audit overreach with eFileCabinet.

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Here’s how we facilitate compliance and ensure security

Audit trails

Easily see behavior for documents, folders, drawers, and cabinets whenever you need to.


Allow certain users access to specific files, drawers, or cabinets, and block others.


Share a document without even removing it from the secure filing system.