Eliminate lost or misfiled documents with eFileCabinet

Eliminate lost or misfiled documents

Risk comes with every business, but the ability to mitigate or overcome those obstacles is what sets successful organizations apart. Human error, intentional or not, is the prime contributing factor that leads to organizational incidents that can lead to enormous costs and time lost, or in the case of medical filing, even put people at risk.

Put an end to human error and experience information that’s always placed properly—and execute flawlessly. With intuitive filing structure, automated workflow, on-page character recognition, and effortless routing, eFileCabinet makes sure that your files are always safely where they should be.

With eFileCabinet, files are always found.

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Here’s how we eliminate lost or misfiled documents

Full text searching

Can’t find a file you know you just uploaded the other day? You can search with a variety of words you know is inside of the document or using any metadata tags. We find the needle in the haystack, no problem.


Take a common document in your office, like an invoice, and create a template. When this template is recognized by intelligent scanning, you can make sure it is uploaded to the right place, every time.

File versioning

Our file versioning prevents employees from duplicating the same file and working on the copies separately, and in separate locations.