Consistent file structure with eFileCabinet

Consistent file structure

Have trouble locating what you need in your office? Do your employees silo information and limit collaboration through individualized filing and digital storage methods?

eFileCabinet’s features span the organizational continuum, ensuring you can securely store everything in the solution without compromising efficiency, teamwork, or security.

Much more than just cloud storage, eFileCabinet’s file versioning prevents employees from duplicating the same file and working on the copies separately. And recurring 24-hour data backup ensures you can securely store all your documents in eFileCabinet.

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Here’s how we create consistent file structure


The sky’s the limit for what you can automate in eFileCabinet’s workflow. And you’ll love how consistent filing, naming, and tagging can be!


Take a common document in your office, like a W-2, and create a template. When this template is recognized by intelligent scanning, you can make sure the right file structure is created, every time.

File Versioning

Check-out a document to let people know you’re editing a document and prevent any duplicates.