coming sooneFileCabinet already offers you an easy and secure way to store and manage all of your business’s documents. But what if it could get even better? In January 2016, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Next month, we’ll be rolling out the newest version of eFileCabinet, which is better than anything you’ve ever seen before. Here are just a few of the things that you can look forward to.


Cleaner Look

The updated look for eFileCabinet is neat, clean, and organized—and it’ll help your office be the same way. All of the links that you would use the most are readily available in easy-to-find toolbars and menus, and you can quickly sort the files on your screen with just a click.


Fast Information

You can immediately view vital information about a file through eFileCabinet’s preview pane. Switch between a document’s audit log, version history, user permissions, and more in just a few seconds. You no longer have to click through several menus to find this information. It is all available in front of you from the moment you preview the document in eFileCabinet.


No Silverlight

With our HTML5 upgrade, you no longer have to worry about having Silverlight to run eFileCabinet Online. The program will now run in all internet browsers, and it works on both PCs and Macs. This removes any limitations formerly associated with eFileCabinet Online so that you can be more mobile and more productive than ever.


The Sidekick

eFileCabinet 2016 won’t be making its debut alone next year. We’ll also be introducing the eFileCabinet Sidekick. This incredible new feature sits right on your desktop and gives you instant access to the files and folders that you use the most. You can easily drag and drop files to your desktop and back into eFileCabinet in just a few seconds, all without ever having to open the eFileCabinet program. The Sidekick will let you work faster than a speeding bullet, and you’ll be the new office superhero.


These are just a few of the incredible new features that you can look forward to with eFileCabinet’s newest version. To get a full understanding of all the upgrades that will be arriving next month, and how they can make your business more efficient and profitable, fill out the contact form on this page. Ask to learn more about eFileCabinet 2016 and sign up for a free 15-minute demo that will show you all of the new features you’ll be able to enjoy next month!