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for Colleges & Universities

The higher education world is full of paper. Final exams, transcripts, financial aid forms, student records, and athletics documents fill filing cabinets in universities and colleges nationwide. When one of these documents is needed, finding it can be a challenge for whoever has to look through all the filing cabinets, hoping the document was put in the correct place.

Traditional paper storage also takes up valuable real estate on campuses nationwide that could otherwise be used for classrooms, or to provide additional resources to students.

While technological advances have revolutionized education — Smart Boards replacing chalkboards, online testing, tablets replacing textbooks, etc., — many universities and colleges are still using old, inefficient processes to manage their paper documents.

There has to be a more efficient, streamlined method to handle all of the documents in the higher education world, right?

There is. eFileCabinet is the trusted Document Management Solution for education professionals nationwide.

eFileCabinet has been a great tool for Colby Community College. With the help of the on-site training, our campus was able to fully embrace all of the possible uses from this product. We knew it was a great resource before, but the on-campus training enlightened our users on all of the benefits.

eFileCabinet helps Colleges & Universities manage:

Admissions forms
Financial aid waivers
Grant forms
Student transcripts
Purchase orders
Alumni info
Residential life information
Athletics documentation
Tax documents
Other school documents

Experience the benefits in your College or University

Many colleges and universities still utilize an archaic method of filing, which costs more than a digital Document Management System. Aside from cost, perhaps the most compelling reason to use a DMS is for security.

We can keep all your documents secure and easily accessible. Your filing cabinets are probably full of student, faculty, and other records required to keep your college running.

Why risk the security of these documents? Let eFileCabinet keep these documents safe for you.

eFileCabinet’s cloud service also provides all of these documents to you via your smartphone or tablet. No matter where you’re at, you’ll have access to the documents you need.

Don’t put your student’s records at risk, increase your efficiency, and save money by using the most secure, user-friendly Document Management System available. You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

Having a document management system is a great way to keep personnel files, payroll data, OSHA 300, I-9’s and anything else you can possibility think of to scan. It is so nice to have a personnel file at your fingertips at your desk. It is easy to email information to managers or legal inquiries. We don’t have to have multiple file cabinets to store files. We save money by not having to purchase more cabinets and having a place to put the cabinets. There are fewer misfiled documents. Multiple people can look at the same file if necessary. There is not a year-end purge to store terminated employee files away in some warehouse. Files are secured.

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