CloudView Adds Mobile Access to eFileCabinet Desktop DMS

eFileCabinet Desktop 2015 is a simple to use but powerful and affordable document management solution. With eFileCabinet, going paperless is easy and managing and sharing information becomes extremely efficient. Our desktop document management product, eFileCabinet Desktop, enables you to capture, manage and share documents on your own network using your own network servers. For many business owners, this provides maximum peace of mind, as it allows for critical business data to reside safely and securely behind their own network’s firewalls.

However, with the advent of mobile connectivity, business is now frequently conducted outside of the office. The biggest disadvantage of an on-premise desktop document management solution is the limited mobility — you must be in the office to access your files and documents. This can be a significant drawback if you or members of your team spend a lot of time traveling or working remotely. After all, relying on an on-premise desktop solution can be similar to being tethered to an old-fashioned analog telephone.

CloudView: A Cloud Document Management Product That Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

CloudView is a feature that enables users of the on premise desktop version of eFileCabinet 2015 to share in the benefits of online filing. CloudView brings backups, online storage, and mobile accessibility to the desktop, greatly enhancing its utility and flexibility. With CloudView, you can access your files and documents from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection without having to sacrifice data security and privacy. You get the best of both worlds in one mobile, user-friendly document management solution.


Mobile Data Backup With a Press of a Button

To use CloudView, you’ll begin by logging into eFileCabinet Desktop 2015. In the Admin section, you’ll notice a special backup button. When you click on this document backup button, your cabinets, drawers and folders will automatically be backed up to CloudView. When you log in to CloudView via a Web browser, you’ll find all of your cabinets, drawers and folders appearing just as they do in eFileCabinet Desktop 2015. Thus, you’ll enjoy the mobility of the Web along with the security that comes with a network document management solution.


Contact Us to Learn More About the Benefits of CloudView

At eFileCabinet we’re committed to saving our clients time, space, and money, while increasing service quality and security measures. We’re in the business of helping businesses run smarter and more efficiently. To see how an electronic filing system can benefit your business, fill out the form on this page for a free demo. Discover the many ways in which CloudView can take your company’s desktop document management process to a whole new level. As with all of our products, CloudView also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact eFileCabinet for more information or to schedule a free product demo today.