There is no question that your company needs document management software (DMS) in order to stay ahead of the competition. It doesn’t matter what your business is: having employees and customers is guaranteed to produce endless amounts of data that has to be created, viewed, changed, stored, and organized in a meaningful way.

The good news is that there are plenty of DMS solutions available to make your life easier. Two examples of document management software are CloudMills and eFileCabinet. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the two and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both systems.


CloudMills Document Management

CloudMills seeks to solve one of the biggest obstacles facing HR departments: quickly accessing HR data. Whether it’s old employee records, updated timesheets, or a forgotten time-off request, finding the appropriate documents for HR processes is often a challenge.

Most HR departments use more than one type of application in order to get this work done. The problem is that these applications don’t necessarily sync with each other, and some programs might be legacy programs that use outdated files. If HR staff can’t open the files to view pertinent documents, problems ensue.

CloudMills seeks to remedy this situation by synchronizing, transforming, extracting, updating, and adding data between the different applications. Instead of relying on your application vendor to sync the program with another program you use, CloudMills takes care of this for you. CloudMills also helps you access your data in different formats, including, but not limited to, HTML, CSV, and SFTP.


What CloudMills Can Do for Your Company

If your main concern is getting access to documents from various HR applications, then CloudMills provides a good service for you. If your company is still using applications that are outdated and produce unreadable legacy files, then CloudMills can come to the rescue. CloudMills also offers a scheduling feature between different applications.


Where CloudMills Falls Short

CloudMills may provide a great solution for their niche market, but it falls short as an integrated solution to document management. One of the reasons CloudMills won’t help you manage all of your documents is that it’s not properly equipped to do so. Based on the information that’s currently on their website, it doesn’t look like CloudMills uses workflows, allows user-based access, archives your documents, or provides an audit trail.


eFileCabinet Offers a Lot More

It’s easy to see that eFileCabinet offers a lot more benefits when it comes to document management. While eFileCabinet is all about going paperless, we also provide a full-service DMS solution capable of addressing all of your DMS needs.


Using Workflows to Reduce the Workload

eFileCabinet offers must-have integration of document workflows in our service. Workflows are necessary to reduce the amount of effort and time spent on managing documents inside of your company. Workflows can speed up the process for approvals, too.


Keeping Documents Safe from Unauthorized Access

eFileCabinet understands the importance of document security. In order to keep your information safe from unauthorized access, eFileCabinet helps you create user-based roles. On the one hand, we make it easy to access your data by securely storing it in the cloud. But on the other hand, we ensure that only authorized individuals get to see those documents.


Archiving Documents Automatically

While you obviously need to store data longer than you actually have to use it, nobody wants to spend weeks on end archiving old files. Fortunately, eFileCabinet takes care of that for you automatically. You can schedule when documents get sent to archives on a predetermined basis.


Using the Audit Trail to Verify Your Documents’ Integrity

When it comes to document management, being able to verify a document’s authenticity and integrity is crucial. eFileCabinet offers an audit trail functionality that shows you what happened to each document and when. You can even see older versions of the same file inside of the audit trail.


Where eFileCabinet Falls Short

One thing that CloudMills can do that eFileCabinet does not offer is the ability to extract files and data directly from different applications. And while eFileCabinet certainly synchronizes with different applications such as SalesForce, it doesn’t necessarily synchronize data between different applications.

When it comes to saving and managing your files and documents, eFileCabinet can do everything CloudMills can do and more. If you would like to learn more about how eFileCabinet works, fill out the form on this page to start your free 15-minute demo.