Find out what type of DMS software is right for you – through the cloud or on your desktop.

eFileCabinet began as a document management system designed to help accountants manage their vast load of forms and documents, but today has clients in a vast range of industries, anyone who uses paper will benefit from eFileCabinet products. Using electronic document management software reduces risk and liability and increases profitability.

We offer an on-premise, desktop product and an online cloud product for managing files and forms. This webinar is focused around discussing the unique strengths of both options to help our clients decide which one is ideal for them.


Here, you save all your own files inside your firewall, on your network, and on your company hardware. This option is usually fastest, but does not benefit from autobackups that the cloud has.

Cloud application

When saving files and forms on the cloud, you’re saving them outside your network and on an eFileCabinet SAS 70 Type II certified server. To ensure security, all communications between this server are heavily encrypted. Customers choosing this option, just like our on-premise product, are completely compliant with Federal standards (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.)