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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Making your business’ document management system paperless is almost as popular today as a mullet was in the 80s. The Salt Lake Tribune reported in 2011 that “Nearly 74 percent of [Utah’s] health clinics are paperless—with basic or fully functional IT systems—compared to 51 percent nationally.” Think of what that number looks like now!

Why are medical professionals making the switch to cloud-based document management so quickly? Besides finally getting rid of the avalanche of paper, files, records, and documents overtaking the office, there are several practical reasons for converting to cloud document management software.

Speed Up Records Processes

When you think of a doctor’s office, you likely don’t think of the word “fast.” And that’s a good thing—we all want a doctor who gets the diagnosis right because he or she is patient and careful. But not everything in the office has to be slow, especially when it comes to paper document records.

Cloud-based document management software makes records-keeping processes much more efficient, cutting down on the time it takes to store and retrieve important documents. It increases workflow. That means less time in the waiting room and more time spent on important issues.

Cloud Document Management Software Saves Time, Money, and Energy

As we mention here, the average company spends $20 in labor costs filing a paper document, makes 19 trips to the copy machine to copy the original document, and loses one out of every 20 documents. Then, each lost document takes an average of 25 hours to recreate. What a waste. Cut back on Tylenol and time wasted in the office by putting your records on an online cloud once, where it will never get lost. eFileCabinet’s software platform is the solution.

Prevent Document Management Disasters

tornado papers files

No one believes in preventative measures more than doctors, physicians, and healthcare providers. Shouldn’t that caution extend beyond the scope of healthcare?

eFileCabinet’s CEO Matt Peterson published an article titled, “The Importance of Cloud-Based Document Management Solutions for Disaster Preparation.” In his article, Peterson makes a few well-worded points on the importance of paperless offices:

“When natural disasters strike and result in prolonged power outages, fire, and water damage, most businesses are unprepared for the complete destruction of all locally stored data (paper documents, files, and records.) Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes bring large-scale devastation that can destroy entire offices, backup tapes, and hard disk drives. Damage from secondary causes, including fire, water, lightning, and blackouts, has the potential to cripple operations severely and, in extreme cases, to prevent any form of data recovery.”

Not only do we need to be aware of potential natural disasters, but we also need to be wary of persons-related disasters as well. This includes “unauthorized access, tampering, and pilferage.” Secure document management software can take care of these issues, stopping all disasters from doing harm to your documents and records.

Reduce Human Error

The LAST thing we want to hear a healthcare professional say is, “Whoops.” Why shouldn’t that apply to document management too? With an electronic filing storage system, the margin of error is decreased until it’s almost nonexistent. And if someone makes a mistake and files a document in the wrong place, it’s easy to find again with eFileCabinet’s comprehensive search feature. This is the solution to a problem everyone has.

Manage And Maintain Patient Confidentiality

Physicians don’t need to endure the hassle of getting the right documents to the right person anymore. Doctors and nurses can set patients up with access to their own records online, which are encrypted and password-protected. Security and safe file-sharing have never been easier with our cloud-based document management system.

The Cloud Gets You Results from Home

patient home care file access

One of the biggest pains of getting results from the doctor’s office is having the disgruntled patient come in repeatedly, becoming more irritated each time. This doesn’t have to be an issue any longer because we’ve found the solution. Thanks to cloud storage, patients can now receive their lab reports, lab results, x-rays, scans, etc. in a digital format from anywhere with internet connection. Doctors can also review important files from anywhere in the world, lessening the amount of time they have to spend in the office. As more and more aspects of healthcare move to the Cloud, both doctors and patients are discovering the convenience of cloud-based document management software.

See What the Doctor Ordered (for you)

About eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is a leading provider of electronic document management software for small to mid-sized businesses and for HR departments of larger businesses. With cloud-based electronic sharing capabilities and a paperless filing system, you can cut out pounds of paper and save your business time and money. With features like eSignatures, optical character recognition, instant electronic sharing, and cloud-based file storage, eFileCabinet’s software can bring your office into the paperless era.

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