Learn About the Power of Remote Audit Capability

Watch this short video to learn more about the power of eFileCabinet’s Document Management System and remote audit capability. With permission from agents, auditors no longer have to physically be on premise. Minimize the time, labor, cost and business interruptions usually caused by necessary audits.




eFileCabinet’s Enterprise Access is the solution.

Enterprise Access is a powerful tool that allows a corporate entity access to remote/satellite offices as well as the ability to log in to satellite accounts in other offices from any location. This functionality is especially convenient for larger companies with multiple offices or branches. Remote audits become a reality, saving you significant time and travel costs while keeping your business FINRA and SEC compliant.

eFileCabinet’s compliance auditing tool is affordable, has full capability, and can be customized so that the Corporate Administrator designates which employees are granted access. Satellite offices cannot alter permissions at any level, but will still maintain private file cabinets that are not viewable by corporate.

Your remote offices can utilize eFileCabinet’s award-winning DMS for their paperless office needs, and you can approve and audit without disruption to the business. It’s easy, transparent, and non-intrusive auditing capability with just a couple of mouse clicks.

–You will never have to do another site visit again.–

To find out more about eFileCabinet’s affordable solution that allows you to do a complicated job in the simplest way possible, contact our compliance and auditing expert today.


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