If you have been following our series of articles, you no doubt would have an idea of the multitude of benefits that document management software (DMS) can bring to organizations and individuals. From improved operating efficiency to increased profitability, DMS is an important tool that no small business or large enterprise should do without. Deciding to purchase DMS is definitely a substantial step in the right direction, helping organizations save on resources and increase profitability. However, in order to realize maximum benefits, it is important that users be properly trained. Misuse of DMS, like any other software, can actually do more harm than good, and in this article we will detail some of the various types of training offered by DMS providers and the advantages of each.

Implementation of a formal DMS training program can offer several potential advantages to various businesses and industries. It can help companies create pools of qualified replacements for employees who may leave or be promoted to positions of greater responsibility. Proper DMS training can also ensure that companies will have the human resources needed for business growth and expansion.

DMS training programs tend to fall under 2 general methods: on-the-job training and off-the-job training. On-the-job training applies to a variety of methods that are applied while employees are actually performing their jobs. This includes training methods such as coaching internship, coaching job instructions training, etc. The main advantage of on-the-job training is that in addition to being highly practical, employees do not lose working time while learning.

Off-the-job training describes a variety of training methods that are delivered to employees outside the work environment, though often during working hours. These methods usually include lectures, conferences, case studies, television presentations, etc.


Common Training Methods

Before consideration is given to any of the common training techniques for your employees, it is important that you ask yourself:

  • What are the objectives or goals for this training session?
  • Who is being trained?
  • What is the training budget?
  • How much time has been allocated for training within your organization?
  • What training resources and materials do you have at your disposal?

By answering these questions, you or your organization can now make a more informed decision about which training method is better suited for its intended purpose. Moving forward we shall discuss the various training method employed by DMS providers and detail their pros and cons.


Instructor-Led Training:

Instructor-led training is the main method of delivery from DMS training. It remains one of the most popular training methods for individuals and companies. This type of training comes in a variety of forms, including:

  • Overhead projector—This method, though effective, is increasingly being replaced by PowerPoint presentations and webinars, which are manually less demanding. However, overhead projectors allow for writing and other illustrative techniques on the spot.
  • Video Portions—DMS presentations may be done in video portions where lessons are broken up into sections of various training topics or case studies for discussion.
  • PowerPoint Presentations—These are presentations done using PowerPoint software to create customized group training sessions that are led by an instructor. The training materials may be stored on physical media and presented on a large screen for any number of trainees. This method can prove to be very effective as it can be combined with handouts and other interactive methods for maximum effect.
  • Webinars—Webinars are the fastest growing and probably most popular of all instructor based training methods for DMS. This training method contains audio and visual components. Webinar participants can simply dial in or follow the appropriate links to access webinar material. These presentations are very similar to PowerPoint presentation and sometimes offer minimal online interactivity.

Instructor-led training is most efficient when presenting a large amount of material to small or large groups of employees. In addition, instructor led training techniques ensures that everyone present at the training receives the same information at the same time. Furthermore, this type of training can be delivered remotely, making it more cost effective than outsourcing guest speakers.


Online Training:

Webinars and other online training are however, not without its disadvantages. When compared to other methods, online training may not always be the most interactive as the presenter does not necessarily have to be present in the room with the trainees. Also, scheduling adequate rooms for large numbers of trainees can prove to be difficult especially if trainees are at various locations.

That being said, online trainees can learn at their own pace. Computer-based programs are available 24/7, allowing training to always be available regardless of employee working hours.

The ability to access online training is heavily dependent on internet connectivity. Webinars normally utilize streaming technology which most times require broadband internet. This means that webinars may not be easily accessible in countries or locations where internet infrastructure is not as robust.

At eFileCabinet we understand that training methods have different limitations. eFileCabinet offers training mainly via online resources. We offer a multitude of easy to follow webinars to ensure that all users are capable of becoming eFileCabinet experts. We understand that there can be bandwidth issues with live streaming technology, this is why we also have webinars available via YouTube on our website where training sessions can be accessed on demand at various streaming qualities so they can be still be viewed at with lower internet connection speeds.

For those who prefer more interactive offline training eFileCabinet also host several conferences with qualified guest speakers. For those who are not able to attend these conferences, we make sure that they are available on-demand from the support section of our website.

If you would to become a document manage system guru and learn the ins and outs of eFileCabinet fill out the form provided for a free 15-minute demo.