On July 1, we rolled out the latest version of the eFileCabinet Online mobile app. With a new, streamlined appearance and an easy-to-use interface, our mobile app is even better than before. Almost everything you can do with eFileCabinet Online can now be done from your smartphone or tablet, giving you true office mobility.


Here are just a few of the features you will see in our latest upgrade:

Share multiple files with one click.
Photograph document with your phone’s camera and upload immediately, no scanning required!
Combine multiple pages into one document.
Print documents from your phone.
Adjustable time-out requires PIN to log in, instead of providing full login credentials.
Access your files more quickly than ever.
Preview files before downloading them.
Download and open documents in other apps.
Access all files in your eFileCabinet account.
View “Recent,” “Favorite,” and “Checked Out” documents with one click.

With this mobile app upgrade, you can hold your office in the palm of your hand, making you more efficient and organized than you’ve ever been.