In an effort to increase efficiency and organization, many businesses are taking the paperless office path. Document management software (DMS) systems assist businesses in reaching this destination. They are much more than online document storage spaces. They function more as online libraries that can be searched, managed, and shared with ease. DMS’s help businesses meet regulation compliance requirements, save time, reclaim office space, increase productivity, and operate in multiple locations.

Some of the unique operations provided by document management software includes:

  • Storing documents, including files, emails, spreadsheets, and forms
  • Searching for specific files quickly and hassle-free
  • Sharing documents with specified departments and persons
  • Restricting access to sensitive files and documents
  • Monitoring who is viewing documents and the times at which they are viewed
  • Tracking edits made to documents



Essential DMS Features

There are several functions and features that successful document management software should provide. In your search for the right DMS system for your company, look for these basic elements:

  • Compliance: It is required of businesses within regulated industries to remain compliant. DMS should assist businesses in achieving compliance with internal policies and regulations by providing audit tracking and reporting, user-access controls, and document-retention policies.
  • Collaboration: A successful document management system should provide the easy sharing of all files and documents. All specified users will be able to access, share, and collaborate on all documents.
  • Cloud-based: A Cloud-based DMS system allows all users, regardless of location, to access and share all documentation. This is especially useful for businesses with multiple offices and locations.
  • Integration: All companies use multiple software programs to keep their business running smoothly. DMS should integrate easily with all software solutions used within a business.



Additional DMS Features

In addition to the basic functions and features listed above, there are additional elements that enhance the performance and desirability of DMS providers. Look for these increased qualities in your future DMS provider:

  • CDI (Certified Document Imaging): The CDI is an internationally recognized certification that sets the standard for expertise in document management and document imaging. It validates skill in the most advanced practices used to plan, design, and carry out a document imaging system.

The CDI certification exam is created for those with experience in document imaging systems achievement and management. It is the only certification that requires proficiency in records management, storage management, hardware, imaging technology, and network systems and security. Specific focus is placed on electronic recordkeeping and records management.

A DMS provider that utilizes CDI has the advanced knowledge necessary to meet and exceed your paperless office goals and expectations. It shows they place and emphasis on tech credentials and not just sales.

  • Trustworthy: Although this quality is not always immediately discernable, it is important to find a DMS system you can trust. The DMS you choose will handle all of your files and documentation, some of which can be sensitive in nature. To determine trustworthiness, read reviews, ask for referrals, and examine their track record. A trustworthy DMS system will be willing to provide proof.
  • Knowledgeable: In addition to implementing CDI, the DMS techs and salespeople should be very knowledgeable about the services they offer and the needs of your business. What regulations does your business need to comply with? Is a Cloud-based storage or software program best for your company’s needs? How will they provide security? A DMS representative should have extensive knowledge and the ability to answer all you questions with confidence.
  • Organized: Using an unorganized DMS to organize your business is like using a dentist with rotting teeth; it just doesn’t make sense. Look for a DMS system with an organized web presence, organized and efficient tech and salespeople, and quick responses. Organization is a sign that your chosen DMS can keep your business and documents organized as well.

The features and qualities of a DMS provider will be reflected in your business. By choosing a credible, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and organized DMS provider, your business will take on and emit the same traits.



eFileCabinet, a Cloud-based document management software system, offers many functions and features that customers love. Included in these features are the following:

  • Compliance tools: eFileCabinet provides easy-to-use features that help clients comply with their regulatory needs such as HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC.
  • Role-based user permissions: Permission to view, edit, and create specific files and documents can be granted according to certain users to maintain security.
  • File Sync: File Sync automatically synchronizes files between your local computers and the online eFileCabinet.
  • Efficient storage: You can scan files to make them digital; drag, drop, and organize documents, and you can send files in a variety of formats.
  • Searchability: Search or browse files easily and find files within seconds.
  • Mobile apps: eFileCabinet can be accessed by iPhone or tablet. You have the ability to take pictures of documents and upload them to the appropriate file folder.

Fill out the eFileCabinet information request for a demonstration on how your business can benefit from their amazing features.