Certificate of Insurance Form and Electronic Document Management

If you are an insurance provider, then you already know the necessity of having any and all relevant paperwork accessible and available. After all, there are a lot of different people and organizations that will want to look at many different aspects of an insurance policy for a variety of different reasons. It may be as simple as a client hoping to review a policy for his sake of mind, or it may be as important as having old versions of a policy on file when a government agency comes to review them.


Manually Tracking Documents Takes Valuable Resources and Time

However, keeping track of all these documents can be an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating task—one that even might require hiring additional help. You may even need to rent additional space so that you can keep all the documents together. And it can also get confusing when you wonder how long you will need to keep track of these documents, as it can vary widely between different types of insurance.

What would you do if one of your small business clients called today to look at their certificate of insurance on short notice? This is not the most commonly used companion piece to most insurance policies, but it is important to keep track of it. Do you know where it’s filed? How long do you think it would take you to look for it? What if you need to ask one of your employees to look for it, or task an intern with finding it? Will they even know what it is? And how are going to get it to your client quickly so he can find the information that he needs about his insurance policy?


Electronic Document Storage Can Solve Your Document Organization Problems

These important questions is why more and more businesses are turning to electronic document management solutions such as eFileCabinet to help them keep track of all the documents that get generated in the process of selling and maintaining insurance policies. Electronic document management software lets you keep all of your documents in an organized file system that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone given the proper permissions, and that can be instantly searched and navigated through. Electronic document systems offer real, measurable benefits to businesses that depend on the legally binding documents that they produce. Let’s take a brief look at how eFileCabinet can help your health insurance business operate more efficiently and help create larger profits.


eFileCabinet Helps Create Solid Document Organization Structures

At its core, eFileCabinet is a file manager that helps businesses organize files in a system that can be accessed by anyone given the proper permissions. That means all of the important documents you need to access will be digitally archived within this file manager inside a uniform, logical file structure that is determined by whoever programs your electronic document storage system.

When your client needs to obtain a copy of their proof of insurance, you can go straight to the folder associated with that client, where it should be sitting, just as designed. And if a document isn’t sitting inside the folder that it should have been saved in, you don’t need to panic. eFileCabinet is fully searchable, so you can have the program quickly scan through the relevant folders, or else comb through the entire catalog of documents in your electronic document management system to quickly locate and find the pertinent document. Something that would have been a tedious, time-consuming task before—searching through paperwork to find one specific document—suddenly becomes an instantaneous effort that yields more accurate, easier results.

After you have located the document you need, you then have multiple options for how to get it to your client. You can either send the file to them via email or through one of the hosting services built into eFileCabinent, or you can simply give your client permission to view the documents!

And you don’t need to be wary of giving a client access to your file management system. eFileCabinet works on a system of permissions and is protected by 256-bit encryption, so your client will only be able to access the folders you want them to through a client portal.

Relying on an electronic document management system also means that you can keep all the documents you need indefinitely. This can be useful if you or a client needs to consult an earlier version of an insurance plan, but is also very important if a government official needs to review past version(s) of a document for compliance purposes. In fact, eFileCabinet is designed to be HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy knowing that all the documents necessary to demonstrate your compliance are safe and ready to be accessed if needed.

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