What an exciting summer it is as pandemic restrictions are eased and we slowly enter a post COVID-19 world!  I’m hopeful that we all have a fantastic summer and a great rest of the year ahead of us. We’ve already seen businesses returning to working at the office, but with new knowledge of the benefits of remote working and hybrid-work models. 

For eFileCabinet, our own work arrangements have changed throughout the pandemic, but we haven’t changed our goal of bringing greater value and ROI to our customers. In the past year, we’ve focused our growth in areas that directly benefit customers such as expanded customer success and support.

As so many of our customers have adopted remote work or hybrid models, we are positioned to assist them in securely managing their DMS from home and unlocking their organizations’ potential through better content management and workflow automation. Customers driving to ascend the content management maturity curve can rely on our teams to get them to where they need to go. 

Besides service, we’ve continually been building up our flagship product, Rubex, with the tools and features that provide even more value to our customers. Recently, I announced some new and upcoming features that will be total game-changers for organizations looking to further streamline their document processes. This included a new reporting tool, form fill functionality for PDFs, and Rubex Private Cloud Edition. Check out the webinar recording for a first hand look at these tools.

All of this growth comes on the heels of positive developments in the business world as we all bounce back from the challenges the pandemic presented. We know so many businesses were hurt by the pandemic, in ways that many haven’t been able to fully recover from, but it also presented opportunities for growth thanks to creative solutions that allowed them to overcome. My philosophy throughout the pandemic has been to focus on the positive solutions and ideas generated from overcoming the countless challenges and continuing to innovate them as we move onto the post-pandemic world.  

We’re here to be one of those solutions that continues to propel your organizations’ growth throughout the rest of the year and into a post-pandemic world.

Jesse Wood, CEO