Back when we started the new year, I could never have imagined the unbelievable circumstances we, as a world, would find ourselves in the midst of Q2. I hope that everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy. The arrival of COVID-19 has put us all through some trying times.

We recognize that businesses everywhere, in every industry are struggling to quickly create efficient work-from-home models. We’re helping by offering more support to assist these businesses set up those environments. As the business world continues adapting to these changes, we’re planning out even more creative ways to help where we can.

I want to express how proud I am of the eFileCabinet team, for being prepared to work from home and for continuing to take care of our customers. We’re all working, physically apart, but we’re still working together as if we were still at the office. Crisis has a way of bringing out the best in some— we’re seeing that as a business and we hope our customers can feel that.

Since we’re continuing to work, you’ll soon see new functionality coming to eFileCabinet. These include some exciting features like dual-screen previewing for comparing documents, instant sign-in links for easier guest user access, and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) for eSignatures. For more information on these features, be sure to join us for our webinar on May 5, where I’ll showcase all of these and more. Click here to register.

Jesse Wood, CEO

5 New Features

May 5th

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