The end of the year, and the beginning of a new decade. We’re so thrilled to get 2020 started because we’ve got a lot of big things planned this year. First and foremost, this is the year we encourage all of our users to look into all the incredible benefits that changing over to our newest platform Rubex has to offer. We built Rubex as a fusion of all of our fantastic products, all on one platform. We took SecureDrawer and added all of its functionality to our document management interface, making secure file-sharing even more convenient.

We pride ourselves on being a central repository for all of your essential documents, but what sets us apart from others is the ability to integrate your document management into your business’s central processes. If you haven’t already looked into our automation tools such as workflow and document routing through Zonal OCR, we urge you to take another look. Our customer success managers are always happy to talk to you and walk you through how to make these features work to your advantage. Streamlining your business’s processes is where Rubex’s true value really shines and how you’ll get an even bigger ROI from your purchase.

So what should you look for in 2020 from us? We’re currently working on some exciting improvements and new features to Rubex to make it even more intuitive and beneficial. Stay tuned for some announcements regarding a new and improved desktop application for PC and Mac. Side-by-side document view will allow you to view multiple versions of a document at the same time, and enter profile information while viewing your documents. We’re also working on improvements to our workflow integration with electronic signatures, and exciting new automated email integrations, which allows the system to automatically process emails and attachments through eFileCabinet as soon as they land in your inbox. This feature will work with all common email providers.  

As you can see, we’ve got a big year ahead of us and we can’t wait to share more with you in the near future.

Jesse Wood, CEO