Have you ever had to track down information from a document and have no idea where it’s located? The frustration is multiplied if there’s the possibility that it could be in another office entirely. You need to contact someone at that office to search for the document, and it’s rarely convenient for them to drop what they’re doing to get the info to you. After waiting for a response, you finally get the information, but at the cost of your time and the time of multiple coworkers.
For businesses with multiple offices that are spread across different floors or state lines, there’s a need for a central location for documents so these scenarios don’t take place and waste company time and money. Electronic document management solutions enable businesses to do this, in a secure and efficient way.

Access Anywhere

With one, centralized system where documents are kept, whether it’s on a local server or in the cloud, you’ll have access to your documents from anywhere. Even when you’re out of the office, you can access the system to view, download and edit documents.

eFileCabinet is a SaaS-based solution, allowing you to access the interface from any computer and web browser. The system creates a secure link through SSL/TLS encryption to make sure you can download and upload files safely. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Get even more access on the move with the mobile app, which lets you view documents and even upload physical documents by taking a photo of it with your smartphone. Sign documents with your finger and send it on. Getting faster, easier access to contracts and invoices to clients so they can review and sign them on the spot is a great avenue for improving your customer experience.

Control Access – Permissions

Of course, unbridled access isn’t always necessary, and the protection of sensitive documents takes precedence over convenience. However, eFileCabinet puts you in control of who can view your documents with role-based permissions. A coworker at another office or on the road can only see the documents that you want them to see with permission settings for individual documents or whole groups of documents.

You can make it easier by creating user groups and mass apply permissions to those groups. The levels of permission include allowing users to read, write or download the documents. You can also set expiration dates for the documents that give them a limited amount of time to access the documents. If a user has absolutely no permission over a document, they won’t even be able to see it in the system.

If you prefer to only have your documents accessible from the the office, you have the option of only allowing your users from accessing the system from designated IP addresses. This can include a list of trusted IP addresses such as a company VPN.


As an admin, you have full control over your documents, which includes viewing a record of where a document has been, what happened to it, and who interacted with it. An audit trail is made for every individual document that lists a complete history of actions made on the document, including the time/date and the user who accessed it. You can restore the document to each version made and can download a complete audit trail in the form of a spreadsheet for compliance purposes.

eFileCabinet provides you with unparalleled access without compromising security. It makes it easy to run a business across multiple locations. To see how eFileCabinet can be a central place for all of your business’s documents, fill out the form below to view a free demo.

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