Earth Day is a great time to take stock of your company’s paper usage. Chances are, you’re using a lot more paper than you actually need.

Reducing the amount of paper you use is a simple way to save both the earth and your company. Here’s what some of eFileCabinet’s customers have to say about how reducing paper usage positively impacted their business.

Being a general contractor, we go through a lot of documents a month: insurance, payroll, bills, contracts—you name it. We used to drown in paper documents. We used to run to the store once every 2 weeks for paper. Now we have everything stored electronically in eFileCabinet, which saves us the cost of paper.”


—Building Company Number 7, General Contractor in Nashville, TN.

We have saved money on copying fees and paper as we are not generating as [many] paper copies.


—Roseburg, OR Municipal Services

With eFileCabinet we simply search, attach, and send! We save time, money, and the ever- annoying paper cuts! We estimate that our paperless office has saved us the equivalent of a part-time employee.


—Johnson & Semken, CPAs, Sandy, UT

We have saved at least $500 per month for separate rental facilities for storing all the hard copies of 7 years of documents for our clients. Also, we are saving at least 2 – 3 hours per person per day (in tax season) to paper file our tax returns. We also save money in printing copies for clients, which means saving money on paper. We now email only soft copies to clients.


—Desai & Shah, CPAs, Germantown, MD

Time during tax season is very expensive time. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. 10 or 15 minutes a return may not sound like much, but during tax season that is pure gold. If you figure about 800 returns, that amounts to 200 hours. Or 5 more weeks! The savings on 800 returns including paper, toner, printer wear, and labor would have to exceed $5,000.


—James T. Scherer, CPA, Hiawatha, KS

“Working with eFC has been a very positive experience. Benefits include saving money on filing supplies and file cabinets, and on shipping expenses for us and our clients. Our clients like that we’re ‘green’ and paperless. We have saved thousands of dollars not having to ship paper via snail mail or other carriers.”


—Henderson CPAs, Portland, OR

These companies were all able to save significantly by reducing their paper usage. Going green has had a bit of stigma as being too expensive for most small businesses to make it worthwhile. However, it’s recently become much more affordable and reducing your paper usage is something almost all businesses can do.

To celebrate Earth Day, we urge you to take a look around your office and determine where you can cut paper out of the equation. You might be surprised at what you find.