CCH and eFileCabinet

CCH Small Firm Services and eFileCabinet Partner

Fast And Reliable Online File Sharing Service!

CCH SFS, a Division of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Company, and eFileCabinet have entered into a partnership designed to offer integrated portal/file sharing services to tax and accounting professionals.

The combined resources of two industry leaders makes it easier than ever for tax and accounting professionals to offer their clients a broader range of services and service options.

Introducing Portalsafe powered by eFileCabinet

  • Secure & fast file sharing/client portal system
  • Access & share important files 24/7 from any web connection
  • Available tracking notification
  • File encryption ensures privacy and confidentiality
  • Easier and safer than FTP
  • Side step the file size and security limitations of email attachments
  • Reduce costs and risks of physical document distribution or overnight delivery
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • No contracts, no time limits
  • Integration with ATX and TaxWise

Additional Information

We looked for a DMS to cut down on paper usage. We also knew that was where the accounting, tax and financial planning industry was headed. With eFileCabinet, I have been able to transfer the files from ArkWorks fairly easily, and I can store my financial planning documents securely (according to SEC/FINRA regulations). Kevin Anderson from eFileCabinet along with Kevin Coxwell from CCH, demonstrating the new release of PortalSafe at the New York Accounting and Technology Show.[This portal] transmits confidential files to and from my clients with great results. It’s easy to use and I appreciate the flexible month to month pricing structure. In the years past, I had to spend 60 minutes round trip to physically transport a large file, then return later to pick up the information. Now I am able to continue working and make more money!

PortalSafe with ATX Integration

PortalSafe with TaxWise Integration