E signature integration: FAQs and Answers from eFileCabinet

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What’s the relationship between RightSignature and eFileCabinet? Although RightSignature is an external partner of eFileCabinet’s, it is deeply integrated with eFileCabinet’s functionalities. What is a KBA/Challenge Question, and to What Does It Refer? This is, at its core, a challenge question. It’s offered up as a means of identifying that the signing party is who he

Accounting Digital Signature Integration Hacks: eFileCabinet’s GuideBook

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Accounting Digital Signature Integration: Why and How to Use eFileCabinet’s Did you know that the IRS now accepts digital signatures on forms 8878 and 8879? That means big gains for those who chose to use them during tax season. In this post, we’ll cover two important topics, and at the end of each topics that

Digital Signature Use to Grow Significantly in 2016

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It may seem counterintuitive for an electronic signature to hold such authority, but there are several reasons why it makes sense. A signature implies at least two things: first, that the parties signing the document are who they say they are, and second, that they intend to be bound by the terms of the agreement. If the document was ever challenged legally, the court would need to determine that the party in question had the authority to sign and the intention of agreeing to its terms. Neither of these requirements stipulates a penned signature on physical paper.

Infographic: How E-Signatures Will Make Your Business More Efficient

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The business world is all about efficiency, and anything that detracts from your business's efficiency is costing you money. But what many business owners don't realize is that even the smallest things can have a negative effect on your productivity. Collecting physical signatures on documents is just one example of such a small thing that can make a huge impact. Check out the infographic below to learn some facts about electronic signatures and how they can improve your business.

Want to Close More Sales in Real Estate? Join the E-Signature Movement

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Nowadays, everything is going digital. Document management software like eFileCabinet is taking filing systems and rendering them paperless. Telecommuting and teleconferencing are both popular trends in the business world. Even signatures and the act of signing off on contracts have been digitized.

Legal Specific Steps for Going Paperless: How to Stay Covered

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Converting to a paperless office is a worthwhile goal for any organization, but the legal industry can benefit more than most. There are specific steps your legal office can take to ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle during your conversion to electronic document management. Although the conversion might not be instantaneous, you’ll soon find that it is well worth the effort.

Document Management Products for Specific Industries: Is one as Good as the Next or are there Really Substantial Differences?

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While the idea of a DMS targeted toward your specific industry may initially seem appealing, there are several shortcomings inherent with this type of targeted software. The most obvious issue is that most other DMS will offer those same features that are supposedly catered to your industry

Tools of the Document Management Strategy, and what Products Offer the Most Options

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In the modern business world of 2016, document management software is on the minds of businesses everywhere as they strive to cut costs, become more efficient in the way they handle their work and increase profits by removing obstacles to productivity and effectiveness. For many, the idea of implementing a document management system is not so much a question of “why” and more a question of which one to choose. However, some might still be hesitant about making the shift to a more paperless, cloud-based approach to their business. In this article we’ll address some fascinating statistics about making the switch to online document management and then follow that up with a list of the best-rated and highest performing document management systems currently available on the market today in order to help you make an informed decision.

Digital vs. Electronic Signatures

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eSignature allows a completely paperless environment with integration of all signed documents into EFC Online, EFC Desktop and SecureDrawer. This allows you to easily send signature documents online, enable customers to sign on any devices, automatically file these collected signatures in their eFileCabinet folder system and provide legally binding electronic signatures with bank-level security.

The UK’s Electronic Communications Act and Electronic Signatures Regulation

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eCommerce and eSignatures in the UK are regulated by the UK Electronic Communications Act and Electronic Signatures Regulation of 2002. In fact, almost every country now has legislation in place to monitor the use and regulate the encryption services vital to making eSignatures possible, secure, and authentic.

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