Business Resolutions for 2018: Grow Your Business

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Every business owner wants to see their company grow and thrive. You put time, effort, and money into building your business, so of course you want it to succeed. If you’ve set the New Year’s resolution to have you business grow this year, then you have an uphill climb ahead of you. We’d like to offer you some helpful tips to make sure that you meet your goals and that your business is as profitable and successful as possible.

A Document Management Tool, That Does It for You

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Businesses that are tired of the tedium of data entry and wish there was a better way to digitize and organize their documents can rest assured—there is. eFileCabinet with Zonal Optical Character Recognition (Zonal OCR) is a robust document management system (DMS) that takes care of tedious tasks for you, while ushering your office into

The Best Document Management Software Can Change Your Work Life

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The best document management software available can have a profound impact on your work life, which is arguably the biggest part of your life (if you’re spending 40 or more hours per week at the office). Let me explain. Have you ever had a client on hold as you frantically search through your endless files,

Using Document Control Software to Manage Employees’ Time

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Document control software is one of the foremost methods of keeping employees on track with their time, and for good reason: Outdated motivation tactics no longer work, but the tools that optimize workflows do. Productivity is one of the industrial organizational psychology industry’s biggest obsessions, and for good reason. It’s one of the pillars of

Why Document Workflow Matters More than Industry-specific DMS

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There are numerous reasons why document workflow is one of the most overlooked aspects of SMB technology for prospective DMS buyers. By workflow, we do not simply mean everything encompassed by the workflow feature, but rather the document workflow that is established through more general use of any document management system. Many prospective buyers choose

What’s Included in an Audit Trail and Why It’s Important

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If your business utilizes a DMS to facilitate sharing, collaboration, or storage of various files and documents, then an audit trail would be an invaluable aid to the security of the system. With an audit trail in place, you would be able to keep an eye on who in your organization was accessing different files and what they were doing with them. An audit trail, in other words, is just a chronological record of everything that happens in your organization's DMS.

Online File Management Software and Modernizing Content

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Where Content Is Headed Toby Bell, an information management and ECM expert, lists seven modernizing facets of content, and how organizations can work with them, implicitly in the online file management software context: Business content must be managed in the context of the organizational process Systematize and extract insight from content Leverage ECM to become

How Automated Document Management Demystifies Dark Data

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How Automated Document Management Overthrows Dark Data Problems Just as physicists and astronomers have grown fascinated with “dark matter,” (matter that has gravitational pull yet no physical manifestation), records managers and information management experts are growing fascinated with the study of “dark data.” Gartner reports that dark data is “the information assets organizations collect, process,

Document Management System Workflow Basics

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What Can Document Management Workflow do for You? Document management system (DMS) workflow is integral to leveraging paperless office processes. Although identifying the single most important feature of a document management system will vary depending on the industry in which the feature is used. However, workflow has benefits as numerous as they are widespread in

Best Document Management Solution: M-Files vs. eFileCabinet

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If we said we’d never lost a potential document management solution customer to M-Files, we’d be lying. We’d also be lying if we said a newly minted M-Files user never regretted their purchase and wished they had gone with eFileCabinet instead. In this article, we’ll cover the important bases with each vendor so you

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