New Document Management Integration, powered by eFileCabinet, Enables Customers to Reduce Paperwork, Improve Profits and Improve Office Productivity within the Clarity Suite of Solutions

Provo, Utah, June 4, 2013 (PRNewswire)—

Caselle, Inc., the leading provider of local government and special districts integrated software, now enables document management capabilities to be offered to customers in addition to financial, utility, court, human resources, payroll, and specialty services. Caselle’s customers can now digitize paper, search for records within seconds, and transfer files within the Clarity suite seamlessly.

Caselle Document Management utilizes technology developed by eFileCabinet and enhances that technology by providing seamless integration with Clarity, Caselle’s flagship product.

“Our customers have been requesting document management, simple records access, and improved customer service. We are excited to serve our existing customers and future clients with an integrated solution that now accomplishes that goal easily,” said Scott Cook, Executive Vice President of Caselle. “We want to provide one-stop-shop capabilities for our special districts and local city offices. Caselle Document Management has been carefully prepared to meet this need with eFileCabinet’s award winning technology.”

“Local governments and special districts are finding it vital to implement a document management solution in order to keep up with the ever growing demand of paperwork and to simplify their workflow processes,” said Matt Peterson, President and CEO of eFileCabinet. “With Caselle Document Management, these customers can now take advantage of eFileCabinet’s award winning technology seamlessly within the same Caselle platform they already know and trust.”

About Caselle

Caselle, Inc., helps local governments and special service districts increase their productivity and efficiency through integrated software solutions. Caselle occupies a unique place in the financial accounting industry. Its team melds accounting expertise, cutting-edge software development, proven implementation and training practices, and decades of field experience.

Today, the Caselle Clarity Suite includes robust applications for Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Utility Management, Court, Human Resources, Payroll, specialty applications, and now robust Document Management. Caselle is known for software solutions based on solid accounting principles, steady growth, and exceptional customer retention. Caselle continues to flourish, grow, and serve over 1,200 municipalities, counties, and service districts in 30 states. For more information please visit

About eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet, Inc., offers a suite of document management and file-sharing products/services that help businesses and individuals work efficiently, profitably, and collaboratively. With more than 12 years helping small and medium-sized businesses, eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for nearly 70,000 users worldwide to store, share, and protect their valuable and confidential data. Learn more at or call 877-574-5505.