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Due to an aging population, an increased rate of obesity, the expansion of private health insurance, and improved economic conditions, profits for Cardiology groups have grown over the past five years.   Despite this upward growth, many cardiology groups are hindered with traditional document paper-based storage processes.   This will result in unnecessary costs, wasted time, impeded patient services, and an overwhelming amount of storage space.   The solution for all of these challenges is simple!  Use eFileCabinet, the trusted document management solution for hundreds of cardiology groups nationwide.

Cardiology Groups

Cardiology groups across the nation share similar missions — to provide the highest quality cardiovascular care and to ensure the health and well-being of every patient.

Yet, providing quality cardiovascular care produces an ample amount of paperwork!

Manually managing medical records can be painful.   Paper-based processes will inevitably incur unnecessary costs, waste time, inhibit patient services, and require overwhelming storage space.   But cardiovascular professionals should be focused on the patient, not filing, sorting, and retrieving patient documents!   With an increasing healthcare demand, how can a cardiology practice maintain regulatory compliance, advance physician productivity, protect client data, improve cash flow, and still provide outstanding patient care?


eFileCabinet is the SOLUTION! Let us help you save time and money, as we help you simplify processes, eliminate waste, and significantly improve your ability to deliver quality patient care.“The most fantastic part of eFileCabinet so far is getting rid of all the hard copies of documents and thus clearing out tons of stuff that has taken up so much physical space! Secondly, since eFileCabinet is already in compliance with federal and state guidelines for storing protected information, I did not have to create our own separate procedures for this. The documentation that eFileCabinet provides in terms of compliance was greatly helpful! ” eFileCabinet Helps Cardiology Groups Manage:

Patient Information

Personnel Files


Medical Histories

Consent Forms

Medical Release Authorization

Procedure Notes


Physician Notes


Lab Tracking


Cardiology billing

Extensive Fee schedule

Current health records


and more!

Cardiology Clinic Patient Health Information Document Management SoftwarePoor document management means unnecessary chaos, poor services to patients, and costs to your organization.

Don’t put your patients and the community at risk – make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available.

You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

“Knowing that our data is in a safe environment and stored for easy access whenever we need it is important to us. We probably save 10k per year in labor costs because you keep track of all this info.” Cardiology Clinic Patient Health Information Document Management SoftwareThere’s never been a better time to consider going paperless, or to change to the best Document Management System on the market. Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-Cloud solution, eFileCabinet 2015 will make your life easier.   Many cardiology groups and departments within have benefited from the ease of use and improved client service eFileCabinet brings including:   Registration, Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Prescriptions, Administration, etc.To learn how eFileCabinet can help your cardiology group set up a document management system to  increase efficiency and compliance, call us at 801-374-5505, chat with us on this page.