Getting buy-in is an important step in making any sort of company initiative successful.

Below are a few examples of how you can earn your employees’ buy-in on your next project.

Give Your Employees A Vision They Can Understand

Employees are sometimes hesitant to accept a change in the way things are done because they don’t understand the why behind it. They may understand in a very minor way why the change is being made, but they likely don’t see what that change means on a grand scale.

Take some time to explain the minor changes you’re making and how those changes will be a great improvement down the road for the whole company. If you can get your employees to accept your grand vision, they will most likely accept whatever changes that’ll bring the company closer to achieving it.

Personalize Jobs That Need To Be Done

If a change is going to affect a specific employee, or you need their help with a specific task while trying to implement a change, talk to that employee personally. Explain what you’re trying to do, explain how you want to help them succeed, and set up a plan to follow up with them as the change or task is being worked on.

That’ll help the individual employee know that they’re being considered in the change. This will help earn their buy-in which will help make the transition, change, or task easier for all of those involved.

Follow Up As Implementation Happens

It’s important to follow up with people during a change or transition for multiple reasons.

First, you need to make sure that your team is actually following through with the change and not just ignoring the new policy while conducting business as usual. This is why many initiatives fail. Nobody watches to make sure it’s being done and so it doesn’t get done at all.

Second, you want to find and fix problems as quickly as you can. If anything, you want to be aggressive about addressing complaints because problems that are left alone for long enough turn into initiative killers.

Third, you want to show your team that you care about their needs. Showing that you care will improve morale and trust and boost buy-in for the initiative.

Always Be Flexible

You should do everything possible to get buy-in for your initiatives from employees, but you shouldn’t be so dead set on making your policy changes work that you keep moving forward even when the policy itself clearly is not working or is somehow majorly flawed.

You need to be flexible enough that you can pivot your strategy when necessary. Talking to your employees, especially those who have buy-in, will help you determine whether or not you need to make a change.

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