Going paperless can yield some excellent benefits for businesses of all kinds, especially ones comprised by knowledge workers. Businesses can truly transform processes and move operations into high gear by making the transition into a paperless, digital document management system.

Aside from the numerous benefits that businesses receive immediately after removing paper-based processes from their office, there are other benefits that are as unexpected as they are enjoyable. Here is a look at some businesses that can derive the maximum benefit from going paperless.

Insurance Agencies

The insurance industry is one of the most paper-heavy professions in the country. Agents going paperless aren’t just doing it to save trees, so what’s in it for them? Well, all one needs to see is how eFileCabinet user, CJ Vang, took his insurance business paperless and reaped the benefits it entails. When CJ Vang saw the ROI of eFileCabinet, he realized his was one of the many businesses that benefit most by going paperless.

Insurance agencies use up paper at an impressive rate. They print reams and reams when they mail copies of policies to customers or file claims.

As a result, a whole lot of money is spent on paper, a vast amount of space is occupied by paperwork, file cabinets, and folders, and a lot of time is spent typing, printing, copying, and searching for specific files through piled-up files. These companies put a small fortune of resources into filing paper.

All of these problems can be eliminated if the insurance agent decides to go paperless and store documents digitally instead, and with a document management solution that ensures seamless document routing and automation processes. They can quickly integrate notes with the claim or policy and pull up previous notes that may support the case.

There are many insurance offices that are transforming into paper-free zones. A survey conducted by Robert Half Legal revealed that many believe that going digital is a more convenient way to do business and hard copies will soon become obsolete. Paperless offices will be the norm of the future.

Although this sentiment has been expressed for decades, businesses are now realizing the extent to which a purely digital business environment can be beneficial. However, it’s not simply enough to remove all paper-based processes from the workflow routine: Rather, the solutions used to remove paper-based processes are of the utmost importance.

Selecting a system that delivers the way businesses benefit most by going paperless will be the most important factor in ensuring the success of the organization’s throughput continuity and enduring, scale-able technology impact.

Financial Advisers

Going paperless can bring financial advisers a large degree of success, and in many different forms and capacities. In addition to saving money by going paperless, businesses that benefit most by going paperless in the financial services industry make great customer service easier to come by.

For instance, eFileCabinet customer, Larry Boyd, has found it significantly easier to meet with clients in person and summon information for reference in meetings with eFileCabinet. The kind of interactivity a great document management system provides can save financial advisers plenty of heartache in lost customers. His is one of the many businesses that benefit most by going paperless.

Additionally, this field also has regulatory and compliance requirements that must be met, and simplifying these SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley standards can be a huge headache for financial professional not using a document management system to take their business paperless.

A paper-based system requires that the adviser spend even more time meticulously maintaining paper records, while a paperless system can keep their practice in compliance with regulations automatically.

Using a digital document management system also benefits the adviser by making files available on any machine with an internet connection, as well as peace of mind that their customers’ information is safe and secure.

Accounting Firms

eFileCabinet started as a cutting-edge tool for accountants to digitally store and manage documents. After its founding in 2001, eFileCabinet evolved to become much more for accountants through its numerous solutions like SideKick and SecureDrawer.

Like financial advisers, accountants and tax professionals need to have information ready at hand when meeting with clients. This means that going paperless will save time in accessing documents, money in equipment like copiers and printers, and money in supplies like paper and ink.

As we are now coming into the tax season, you can be sure that tax preparation specialists, Enrolled Agents, and accountants will be using more than their fair share of paper. Paperless data storage makes life much simpler during the tax season, but it isn’t enough to simply go paperless. That’s why CPA Practice Advisor has highlighted eFileCabinet’s web portal, SecureDrawer, as a favorite among accounting professionals.

The Medical Field and Healthcare Practitioners

Medical professionals are making the transition to electronic data management at a fast pace. Clinics, labs, and others tend to use massive amounts of paper, and they have much to gain by going paperless.

Electronic record-keeping makes processes much more efficient, reduces the chance of human error, and makes it possible for physicians to keep data confidential by implementing security features at various levels. However, it should be noted that EMRs and EHRs have numerous usability and interface problems preventing widespread adoption within the healthcare industry.

Patients also benefit by medical professionals going paperless because they can receive their reports, lab results, x-rays, scans, etc. in digital form over the internet.

This eliminates the need for them to make repeated trips to and from their homes and also makes it easy for them to show their medical history to other physicians who may be treating them.

As more and more medical treatment centers move to paperless processes, patients are becoming ever more aware of the convenience this offers. Businesses that benefit most by going paperless tend to be both process and knowledge-driven.

Sticking with a paper-based document management system may actually be harmful to your success. With the technology available today, going paperless is an easy transition that will help you seamlessly access, and share all the data you need for any business activity. Aside from solving your most common office problems, such as keeping everything in one place, protecting your business, and improving customer service, document management systems are a way to bring your office into the future of knowledge management.