In a day and age where technology can do anything you may be wondering how to use business process automation for your company’s advantage. But what is business process automation really?  Business process automation (BPA), or simply automation is the solution and can be a big help to you and your business management processes.

Business process automation software uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to execute recurring tasks and processes in a business. Automation replaces manual effort. In other words, it’s using robotic process technology to replace human effort on tedious, time-consuming tasks.

As it relates to your business processes, automation can cut costs and increase efficiency by a large margin. A five-step process can become three, a ten-step process can become five.

Automation adds simplicity to your day-to-day routine.

What can be automated?

There are a number of processes and tasks most businesses have that can be automated. Things like adding meeting events to a calendar, processing feedback, invoicing, and routine copy and pasting between tools and software.

Here are a few more things that you may be able to automate depending on your needs:

  • E-mail and/or push notifications
  • Support via customer service or a Helpdesk
  • Aggregating data
  • Data migration
  • Data backup
  • Data restoration
  • Employee-related processes (leave requests)
  • Sales orders
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Product launches
  • Lead nurturing
  • Processing feedback from customers/clients
  • Following up with customers
  • Moving documents between software/systems
  • Copy/pasting data between business tools

Identifying key elements that make a process good for automation include: processes that require consistency across your organization, processes that are or can be repeatable, and processes that need to be error-free. Think, budgets, billings, tax forms, and other financial reports you might run into.

What does BPA eliminate?

Business process automation software can eliminate unnecessary steps and paperwork. It  makes the workflow of your organization more efficient overall. Without turning to BPA, you could fall prey to endless paperwork, forgetting tasks, and employee unhappiness. It can really keep you lacking in the productivity and organization departments in your business.

Automation can also eliminate the number of incomplete records, various errors in forms and orders, the amount of data lying around, as well as delayed approval. BPA can enhance the accountability, transparency, and accuracy of your business processes. It can keep all business- and process-related communication within the specific networks, causing workflow execution to go quicker and easier.

Why go with BPA?

Going with business process automation software is the first step into the increasingly digital space. You’re starting with smaller processes that increase business efficiency and human productivity. From there, you can keep adapting and growing. Automation can improve clarity when it comes to designing your business processes. This will help you know all the necessary steps, tasks, and people who will need to be involved. In addition to that, physically mapping out the process provides a guide for employees that can also serve as a training resource for new hires.

In addition to clarity, business process automation yields streamlined processes. These eliminate unnecessary and wasteful activities in favor of tasks that enhance and add value to the routine. You can save time and money.  Users can create customizable notifications, receive valuable insights, and ultimately have quicker turnaround times when utilizing automation strategies.

Another big-ticket word in the business process automation world is “compliance”. Ensuring that your business is compliant with job-specific rules and regulations is a constant concern. You can eliminate this concern with BPA. Every step of every process is recorded when using automation systems. Records can be easily retrieved and presented for audits when demonstrating compliance.

Last but not least, business process automation helps you standardize your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Standardization can help position your organization as reputable, reliable, and respectable due to its regularity and clarity. That, in turn, can increase your customer and client base for your organization.

Finally, the most important part of the whole equation, customer satisfaction. If your customers and clients are satisfied, you stand out within your industry. With business process automation, you can focus more on the process and consequential operational excellence. That helps you quickly exceed the customer’s expectations, abide by and consistently meet your proclaimed business standards, and influence company preference.

eFileCabinet and business process automation

If you have any of the following, you might want to consider business process automation:

  • Time-sensitive tasks on a regular basis
  • A high volume of tasks
  • Multiple employees are required to execute certain tasks
  • Certain tasks have a significant impact on other processes
  • A need for compliance and clear audit trails

The little tasks add up, but with business process automation software they don’t have to (and won’t). eFileCabinet specializes in document management software that can make business processes work seamlessly and without need for concern. With features like secure file sharing, ready-made templates, 2-step authentication, individualized security settings, and mobile access, eFileCabinet can assist with increased efficiency and security.

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