If you are a small business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to make your business practices more efficient and effective. One of the best ways to cut costs, streamline paperwork, and add security to your sensitive documents is through updating the technology used. The Cloud can do all that and more for your business.

Understanding the Cloud
Cloud computing references a network of servers that stores data and is accessible in real-time with any device, from any location that can connect to the internet. These servers allow you to save your data outside of your physical location, allowing you to access them quickly and easily.


Lower Operating Costs
Many small businesses choose to switch to Cloud-based services because of the financial incentive. For one example, rather than spending over $200 for office computing software, there are countless comparable online services that are free or have a low, flat monthly fee. They are easy to use and often require nothing more than an internet-enabled device, access to the internet, and an account.

IT problems, and the substantial bill that goes along with the solution, also becomes just a bad memory as you transfer more of your office computing to Cloud-based services. IT is now someone else’s problem; you no longer have to worry about installing the software, updating it, or maintaining it.

Cloud-based document management services can move you closer to a paperless office while increasing efficiency. The added incentive of a paperless office is that you no longer need room for physical file storage.


Security Concerns
One of the concerns most often mentioned is the security of data. It is important to remember that the safety of your data does not just happen. You need to ensure data security by selecting reputable servers or vendors that use the latest data encryption. With a focus on correctly verifying the identity of the user, you can be assured that your sensitive data is secure.


One of the biggest benefits of using Cloud-based services is the ability to choose what you need now without being locked into a huge investment. You have the flexibility of choosing services that can grow as your business does. Fewer upfront costs allow you to reinvest your cash flow into growing your business, meeting your customer’s needs, and staying competitive.


Running software online also gives you the benefit of working from anywhere and at any time. You no longer need to have access to your office server in order to find the information you need. It is now at your fingertips, whether you are at home, away on a business trip, or even on vacation. All you have to do is log into your account and pick up right where you left off.

Small business owners who want to cut upfront costs and remain competitive are switching to the Cloud. Have you made the switch?