Insurance has long been stereotyped as the ultimate industry of bureaucracy and excessive paperwork where red-tape rules and nothing can ever be resolved in a few simple steps. For good reason, insurance has earned this reputation as something of a chaotic mess of paperwork. However, as more agencies continue to implement new technology solutions, the industry is beginning to shed this outdated persona for one that’s focused on efficiency and keeping the customer satisfied.

Inefficient practices are being tossed out, most noticeably the use of physical paper in order to get business done. In the realm of paperwork, the paper is being tossed out and the actual work is moving to the digital front where it can be put through more efficient processes.

The easiest way to go paperless and transform how you accomplish your everyday insurance processes you previously did with paper, is to use a document management system. It’s software that takes organization to a whole new level and leverages the freedom of having your important documents in a digital space to get work down faster.

Better Organization

In insurance, keeping your files organized is paramount. In order to maintain client loyalty, you must be able to quickly locate information and inform clients about their policies. It’s also critical that you’re able to quickly update files as individual circumstances and situations change. 

A system that allows you to append or prepend a file is crucial for insurance agents. It allows you to keep a running record of a client’s life events all in one tidy file. If you are a car insurer, for example, you can adjust rates after an accident or multiple traffic violations. If you handle health insurance, you’ll need to be able to quickly update policy information after life events. In order to make changes and keep information current, you need to be able to find your files, and find them quickly. 

eFileCabinet helps you stay organized and makes staying on top of clients’ situations a breeze. It does this with several features. One of the most important tools for organization is zonal OCR (optical character recognition). This technology allows you to capture data off of standard forms using templates and route them to the correct folder, using pre programmed rules.

If, for instance, you have documents that each and every client will require (like applications or entrance forms), you can set up prepared folders quickly and simply to store those documents. Then the system can automatically sort your files into their corresponding folders. Some use this feature for the ability it affords to look up any client by name and quickly pull up their files and documents. This is the quickest way to go paperless and have your files sorted into the system automatically.

Better Access

As an agent you’re frequently on-the-go, meeting with clients and handling enrollments and renewals. A part of the chaos of paper is not having immediate access to essential documents right away. Even if you could manage to bring the hundreds of documents and forms around with on the go, you don’t have all day to dig through your satchel of files to find what you’re looking for.

Many clients want to know specifics about their current policy and documents and determine steps to take going forward in the relationship. The ability to give them robust and accurate information on the spot may very well be the difference between them renewing with you or going with a different provider. 

The sad truth is that many agents lack access to their files when they are out of the office and away from their filing cabinets. Because of the need to recall this information. Everyone knows an agent who literally resorted to transporting boxes of files with them in the car. 

When your files are in a digital ecosystem, access is exponentially better than having physical paper files. As mentioned before, your files are scanned into the system with OCR technology that identifies the text on any type of document, even if it’s an image file. That same technology is used to quickly retrieve your files with full-text searching. All you need are a few keywords you believe are in the document to find it.

Thanks to secure, cloud storage, you don’t have to lug around a box of files every time you go out into the field. You don’t even have to bring a computer. All you need is a mobile device with an internet connection to have access to all your essential documents and forms. 

Rubex by eFileCabinet helps you cut through the chaos of insurance paperwork and present a better experience for your clients. To see Rubex in action, click here to view a free, personalized demo.